Recipe: Cucumber-Rosemary Gin and Tonic

Please welcome the lovely Brandy Brown of  Marabou Design, a longtime Minted community member and our newest contributor to Julep! Brandy, who lives in Seattle, will be sharing her favorite recipes, DIY projects, and styling ideas. Welcome, Brandy! 

A delicious cocktail begins and ends with its ingredients, which is why I always recommend quality over quantity. This new spin on a classic gin and tonic combines rosemary sprigs hand-picked from my garden and locally grown cucumbers—the flavors capture the Northwest in a glass! This cocktail is herbal, refreshing, and effortlessly chic, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy all year-round. Get the recipe after the jump…

Cucumber-Rosemary Gin and Tonic
Makes 1 serving
Skill Level: Novice

• 1 cucumber
• 1 lime
• Sprigs of rosemary
• 2 oz. Hendrick’s Gin
• 4 oz. tonic water (Fever-Tree)
• Ice

Peel and cut the cucumber into thin slices; zest the lime and slice into eight wedges. Place three cucumber slices in your glass and combine with 1 ounce of gin and the juice squeezed from one lime wedge; muddle together to release flavors. Add several cubes of ice and top it off with remaining gin and tonic water. If you prefer a less-sweet cocktail, go easy on the tonic water and use soda water, instead. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary. Voilà!

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