Minted Home Tour: Nautical Playroom

We love seeing how our customers incorporate Minted pieces into their lives and homes, and today we have a real treat: a beautiful-yet-functional playroom with a fun nautical theme. Interior designer Kirsten Krason of House of Jade Interiors, who masterminded this airy space, share her best ideas, tips and tricks, and shopping resources.

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Above: Vintage Schoolhouse Play Table and Vintage Steel Play Chairs

The project: Create a whimsical play space for the couple’s three young children
Location: Utah
Interior designers: Erin Morgan and Kirsten Krason of House of Jade Interiors
Photographer: Jylare Smith Photography

Above: Matra Flatweave Rug

When it came to designing the room, what was your starting point?
Our clients had moved to Utah from Hawaii, so we wanted to bring in several nautical elements without going overboard. We knew we wanted navy, teal, and coral for the colors. They also like Restoration Hardware’s style, so we brought in a lot of wood elements.

Above: Waiting, Malibu 2012 Art Print by Minted (left) and Sailing Ship Kite (right)

What were the goals for the playroom?

We wanted the room to feel sophisticated, so it could grow with the kids and eventually become a teen hangout, but it still needed to feel youthful. We also wanted it to be gender neutral since our clients have two daughters and a son. They wanted a space for art, a place to watch TV, and reading nooks. Our goal was for the playroom to be a fun place for kids to play and dream!

After the remodel, what were the parents’ favorite aspects of the room?
I think the parents loved the overall design and feel of the space. Although they were involved in the planning there were lots of elements that were a surprise to them. They loved the play table and chairs the most!

Above: Ivory Sherpa BeanbagsDiamond Fabric, Farmhouse SconcesFloating Shelves, Octopus Stuffed Animal, Coral Pillows, Striped Pillow, Tassel Pillows, Go To It Laughing Art Print by Minted

What did the kids think?
They loved the two little reading nooks—they instantly hopped up and started pulling books off the shelves to read.

What should you do to make sure your space is flexible and will grow with your child?
Choose furniture that isn’t too juvenile but still is a good fit for children. We also picked a few child-appropriate things—like pillows and accessories—that can easily be swapped out as your kids grow. Keep the basics classic.

Above: Tribeca Media StoragePapier-Mâché Shark, Flying Gulls (to-the-trade only), Rope Baskets, Out to Sea Art Print by Minted

Toy storage baffles me! Do you have any strategies for corralling kids’ toys and keeping everything tidy?

It’s important to have lots of options. I like having several large floor baskets for oversized toys and smaller bins for all those bits and pieces that get lost everywhere.

What are some ways to create a gender-neutral, co-ed playroom?
Make sure there are spaces throughout the room for each child. One of their daughters loves art, so we created an art corner for her. Another daughter loves to read, so she’ll be in the reading nooks all the time. And their little boy just wants to run around and play, so we left the middle of the room pretty empty. The key is to pick one or two elements that will interest each child and make sure they are included.

What are some essentials every playroom should include?
To me, the perfect playroom would include: toy storage, fun art, a play table, a place to be alone (reading nook or teepee), storage bins and baskets, and a fun rug to tie the whole space together.

To read more about this playroom remodel and see before-and-after photos, check out Kirsten’s blog  Sixth Street Design School.

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