Halloween Puppy Chow Recipe

By Ashley of  Sugar & Cloth

Oh yes, the beloved puppy-chow snack we all know and love gets a ghoulish twist in my monster-themed version! The kids will flip for this stuff, especially since this spooky version has Jack-o-Lantern and bone sprinkles mixed right in…

• 5 cups Chex Cereal
• 6 ounces white chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips (dark is optional)
• 1 ½ cups plain yellow cake mix
• Halloween or fall-themed sprinkles (I used bones and Jack-o-Lanterns)


1. Melt the chocolate chips (either by double-boiling or in the microwave); pour melted chocolate over Chex Mix.  (Quick tip: For more ghostly-looking chow, skip the dark-chocolate chips and only use white.)

2. While the chocolate is still warm, add in the cake mix and sprinkles and stir until completely mixed and cooled.

Package the spooky puppy-chow snack by portioning it into glassine envelopes; seal them closed with a stretch of cute washi tape for a quick and easy homemade party favor. I also love the idea of using little seasoning jars for an extra-special take-home treat.

Photos: Jared Smith

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