Holiday Photo Card Challenge: Surprising Our Winner!

Our annual holiday photo card challenge is always the biggest challenge of the year and holds a very special place in our hearts. So every year, we try to come up with a fun way to surprise the 1st place winner.

In 2012, we surprised Angela Marzuki by asking her to hop on a Skype call with us to discuss using Dropbox (video here). In 2013, we planned a would-be-routine Minted Meetup in Jill De Haan’s hometown, with our Founder & CEO Mariam Naficy as the surprise guest with the big news (see it here). This year, we switched things up just a bit. Watch the video below to see the surprise for winner Jennifer Wick and read all the details below!

We asked Jen to come out to San Francisco to attend a (non-existent) Minted Board Meeting and give feedback as a member of the Minted Community.

Meanwhile, we decorated our office with tons of bunting banners, balloons, crepe paper, and sweet treats in anticipation of her arrival. We invited all the employees in our SF office to write her a congratulatory note and come join in the surprise celebration.

We brought Jen into the office just as Mariam seemed to be making a very official presentation to the company. Mariam called Jen up to the front and told her she had arrived just in time to hear the big announcement about the 1st place winner. And the rest is history!

As the 1st place winner, Jen wins $8,000 plus a (second) VIP trip to San Francisco, along with the 2nd and 3rd place winners Jessica Williams and Stacey Meacham. We celebrated with a truly giant check and a San Francisco snow globe for Jen to take home!

It was so much fun planning this surprise, and even better seeing Jen’s incredibly humble and heartwarming reaction. Congratulations again, Jen!

  1. Sarah Curry

    Congrats, Jen!! Hip hip hooray! Totally deserving. What a fun surprise!

  2. Susan Brown

    Such a special celebration for the deserving Jen and done up in that impeccable Minted style. Congrats all around.

  3. Katie Wahn

    That was so lovely. Congrats to you, Jen Wick!!

  4. Awwww, how wonderful! Congrats again Jen!

  5. Oma

    Really great surprise for a truly amazing designer! Congrats again Jen!

  6. Olivia

    Just watched this two times in a row with my family. We’re all so happy for you, Jen! And what a beautiful way to surprise her, Minted. Congrats all around!

  7. Andi

    Awe… That’s so cool! Congrats! You deserve it, Jennifer Wick! : )

  8. Kim Dietrich Elam

    What a wonderful surprise – I LOVE that backdrop with Jen’s lovely design on it! Congrats, again, Jen!!!

  9. lori

    Just saw this adorable video!! Congrats again, Jen!! You are such an amazingly talented, gracious & humble person!! I am soooo happy for you!! Seriously, can’t wait to meet you in person!! And great job, Minted – with the awesomely cool surprise!! You guys know how to do it up!! 🙂

  10. Yolanda Chendak

    I am so happy for you Jen…. not only are you extremely talented you are so kind and humble…. Congratulations again!

  11. That was so lovely! congrats on your beautiful card and win! x

  12. Jennifer Wick

    Thank you so much, Minted and everyone! I am still amazed by the way you surprised me and all of the thoughtful details like the amazing banner and the big check! I have no idea how you will too this year, but thank you for giving me such a meaningful and memorable surprise!

  13. Karly

    Love seeing this video! Congratulations, Jen. Your design is so deserving of the 1st place win and I agree with everyone else that it couldn’t have gone to a more gracious and sweet person. So happy for you! Way to go Minted for a fantastic unveiling! Always top notch and I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  14. Shannon

    What a great reveal – a huge congratulations to you Jen, it’s a beautiful design 🙂

  15. Nicole Armstrong

    Yay Jen!!! I was smiling so big the whole time I was watching the video! Congratulations!! You create such beautiful designs. I love everything that you put out!

  16. How cool!!!! What and awesome surprise for such an awesome designer!! Congrats, Jen!! I hope someday I can meet you. You inspire me =)

  17. Beth Skorupski

    Congratulations Jen!

  18. Maria Murphy

    Guauau! Congratulations Jen! LOVE your work !

  19. Nana

    Jen is truly an amazing designer!! Congrats, you deserve it. Enjoy!