DIY Back-to-School Duct Tape Pencil Holders

This time of year is always so exciting for us, we love back-to-school! The new backpacks, bottles of glue, notebooks, and loads and load of markers and pencils galore! So we thought it only fitting that we make a few duct tape supply holders to house our colorful new supplies—they make homework time that much more exciting! The best part: This is a project you can easily make together with your kid. Get the DIY instructions after the jump.

• Cardboard can (such as an empty hot chocolate container)
• Rolls of colorful duct tape
• X-acto knife (to be used by an adult)
• Self-healing mat

1. Gather together above-mentioned supplies.
2. Begin by wrapping your can with a base color of duct tape.
3. To make your decorative elements, tape a strip of duct tape to your self-healing mat.
4. Using the X-acto knife, have an adult cut out decorative shapes to adorn your can.
5. Tape decorative elements onto your can.
6. Your can is now ready to be used!
7. Now for the fun part: Fill the canister with your favorite school supplies!

Also, you can get creative and take these decorated cans to the next level by adding more decorative elements. We turned one of our cans into a koala bear (or is it an elephant?) and placed a succulent inside.

These colorful, custom canisters are a really great way to spice up your child’s homework station.

We’ve become obsessed with making these and have big plans to make an entire row of them for our decorative items and plants.

Photography by Trisha Zemp
Crafts and styling by Merrilee Liddiard

Find more of Merrilee on her blog.

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