Holiday Photo Card Challenge: 11th Place Winner

Each year Minted hosts our highly anticipated holiday photo card competition in search of the best and freshest holiday card designs. The results blew us away! Independent designers from all over the world stepped up to the challenge—we received an incredible 4,103 submissions from 481 artists. The votes have been tallied and the Top 50 winners have been chosen, see them all right here.

Karly’s design truly is “so festive”! I love the bold red text against the pale greenery, and the stamped treatment adds such fun texture. The hand-drawn, uneven berries are lovely pops against the white background, and the faded branches compliment the text perfectly. The casual composition perfectly frames the photo without competing with it, which is so often a mark of one of Karly’s designs. “So Festive” really gets us in the holiday spirit.


  1. Kerry

    Congrats, Karly! A fabulous design!

  2. Oma

    Really lovely! Congrats!

  3. Karly

    Thank you so much, Kerry and Oma! And thank you so much, Rose, for the generous write up.

  4. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Congratulations, Karly! Lovely design.

  5. Corinne

    This design really pops. Perfectly done. Congratulations Karly.