DIY “Hip Hip Hooray” Party Sign

By Melanie of  You Are My Fave
diy party decorations
How do you let your guests know they’re in for a good time? Spell it out for them with this party sign (you’ll find the hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry so you can admire your awesome handiwork).

diy party sign

• Paper mache letters (you can find these at a craft store like Hobby Lobby)
• Spray paint
• Piece of particle board (the one I used is 2’x5′ from Home Depot)
• Latex paint (I used paint samples)
• Paint brush
• Painter’s tape
• Tape

1. Spray paint the paper mache letters in the color of your choice. Let dry.
2. Use tape to mask off a diagonal line on the board; paint either side with latex paint. Let dry.
3. Affix letters to the finished board with tape. Hip hip hooray!

party decor ideas
Photos: Jennifer Little

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  5. Jessica

    LOVE the idea but HATE the slogan and would never decorate my house with it BECAUSE of the history of the saying… fun on the outside, awful on the inside ;(