Five to Follow: Edible Art, Building a Printing Studio, & More

A roundup of some of the most inspiring online destinations to bookmark and add to your feed this very instant. Got a favorite? Share them with me in the comments or email

1. Instagram: Julie’s Kitchen
Southern California-based blogger and photographer Julie Lee (@julieskitchen) creates these intricate edible food collages using the bounty from her weekend trips to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. The meticulously arranged patterns of fruits, vegetables, and flowers practically pop off your screen (I’m currently using her citrus one as my desktop wallpaper!) and her just-as-inspiring Instagram feed will have you dreaming of all the delicious dishes you could make from her latest market haul.

2. Minted Artist // Instagram: Meg Gleasson
Minted community designer Meg Gleasson (@mogleameg) and her husband are building an incredible letterpress studio on their farm in rural Iowa and they’re documenting the entire process on Instagram. The couple decided to move their printing studio from their home’s basement and build a new, separate workspace for their business (the goal: to help maintain a more manageable work-life balance!). Her Instagram offers a fascinating behind-the-scene glimpse into their quickly growing stationery line. So much good stuff—add her to your feed now, if you haven’t already.

3. Pinterest: Diane Keaton
Guys, did you know actress Diane Keaton is on Pinterest? I just discovered her boards this week (via SF Girl by Bay) and my gosh, they’re gorgeous. Full of mostly black-and-white (naturally!) imagery, her boards are primarily home decor related, with quirky-charming names like “Last House on the Left,” “W.C.,” and “Curb Appeal.” Her pins vary from the breathtaking to the refreshing real and mundane (like a well-designed under-the-counter drawer for storing baking sheets). Guaranteed hours of endless delight.

4. Website: Rip + Tan
Fashion designer Jenni Kayne’s lifestyle blog Rip + Tan is a recent discovery of mine. Named after her two children, Ripley and Tanner, it’s a leisurely read full of beautiful imagery that echoes the easy elegance of her fashion line (you may know her from her signature d’Orsay flats—want!). Sure, the gorgeous home tours and peeks into her fabulous Southern California lifestyle will probably induce some life envy, but more than that, her party ideas, product recs, and recipes will inspire you to perhaps dust off your juicer or invite friends over for a backyard dinner party.

Dominik Woods cutting boards

5. E-Commerce: Dominik Woods
What’s your must-have kitchen essential? My pick is a cutting board that’ll transition easily from kitchen prep to serving platter. These gorgeous handmade cutting boards by graphic designer-turned-woodworker Dominik Kowalik are just the ticket.

  1. A Midwesterner

    Meg lives in Iowa, not Idaho.

    • heatherlee

      Great catch, fixed! Thank you!

  2. Chris

    Love all of these! Especially Julie’s Kitchen. She has some great prints available. Thanks for the inspiration,