DIY Pom-Pom Cake

By Ashley of  Sugar & Cloth

DIY pom pom cake

DIY pom pom cake

It may be safe to say that pom poms are going to be the next polka dot, but if not, they’re definitely a close second. Now, add some cake to that combination and you’ve got yourself one heck of a DIY.

This DIY pom-pom cake is super simple to make, and these handmade, edible pom poms can be tinted in whatever colors you like. Serve up slices of this cheerful pom-pom cake at birthday parties, showers, or simply for dessert. Plus, this project is a great way for the kids to help decorate the cake without getting too messy!

DIY pom pom cake supplies

Edible decorating dough or fondant
Gel food coloring
• Toothpicks (one for each color)

DIY pom pom cake


1. Add a small dab of gel food coloring to a piece of plain white dough or fondant with the end of a toothpick.

2. Massage the dough and coloring in your hand until the color is completely mixed throughout the white dough or fondant. Tip: Avoid touching the gel directly with your hands because it will stain. Instead, fold the dough over a few times until the coloring is mixed enough to fully massage the rest.

3. Repeat steps above for other colors; once all colors are thoroughly incorporated, tear off little pieces and roll them into uniformly sized little balls to make the pom poms.

4. Frost a cake and press each pom pom into the frosting.

DIY pom pom cake

I think it makes for a really fun, whimsical cake that’s simple to make. Of course, cake is always better with a candle, too.

Photos: Jared Smith

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