Design to Dish: Sweet Potato Fries (With Printable Cone!)

Written by Melissa of  Lulu the Baker

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I’m really excited to share today’s Design to Dish post with you! For most of my posts, I usually come up with a fun party theme to go with a Minted invitation, then find coolest coordinating party elements to share with you. But for this particular party, I actually got to put all my ideas into action! My littlest turned three years old on Saturday and we threw him a hot dog-themed birthday party inspired by the darling invitations (pictured above). It was so much fun and really easy to put together. For my kids’ birthdays, especially if they aren’t having a big party with friends, I tend to keep things low-key. A hot dog cookout is a great, low-stress, all-ages party theme that is tailor-made for summer, but could easily work all year round, which makes it just about perfect!

In addition to serving up grilled hot dogs, we decided to make some crispy sweet potato fries. My favorite way to have them is seasoned with a little bit of sea salt and some finely chopped rosemary. Presented in a classic red gingham paper cone, they make a perfect side dish for a hot dog cookout!

1. Hotdog! invitation from Minted
2. Printable red gingham paper cones! Just download, print, and trim off the white borders; shape the paper into a cone and use a small piece of tape to secure. Fill with fries and enjoy!
3. Hot dogs galore! At our party, we had all of the fixins’ for four different types of dogs: chili dogs topped with homemade chili, shredded cheddar, and chopped onions; classic dogs with ketchup, mustard, and sweet pickle relish; Sonoran dogs with sauteed onions and peppers, crumbled bacon, pinto beans, mayo, guacamole (which I totally forgot!), and cotija cheese; and kraut dogs with mustard and sauerkraut. We bought the yummiest hot dog buns we could find, and cooked up tasty all-beef hot dogs on the grill.
4. Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary & Sea Salt, recipe below
5. Old-fashioned sodas in glass bottles from Project Wedding (We chilled ours in big metal tub full of ice and guests could help themselves.)
6. Tiny balloons from Shop Sweet Lulu

hot dog birthday party cookout minted julep

Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary & Sea Salt

Frozen sweet potato fries
Canola oil (or any oil that is good for frying)
Dried crushed rosemary (You can also use fresh rosemary, just be sure to mince it very finely.)
Sea salt

Fry the sweet potato fries in oil according to package directions. (Fries taste best fried, that’s the honest to goodness truth—hence the names fries! But if you are strongly opposed to frying, you can bake them according to package directions. But I’m going on record as saying I like them best fried.) Immediately after removing fries from oil/oven, sprinkle lightly with rosemary and sea salt. Taste one to check the seasoning. Serve immediately in paper cones. I like mine best with ranch, but ketchup and fry sauce are good, too.

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