Eye of the Beholder Art Challenge Special Prizes

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

In the Eye of the Beholder Art Challenge, we asked the Minted Artist Community to submit innovative works of art to continue to grow our  assortment and help us be the best marketplace for independent artists. There were no design restrictions and we accepted all mediums reproducible on paper. The winners below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congratulations, winners!

Photography Award for the best work of photography – literal, abstract, or whimsical

Go Fish” by Pad and Paper

Equal parts ode to modernism – with its abstracted circular forms in an off-kilter grid – and homage to the traditional art of fishing, this piece continues to captivate my attention. Green-hued netting is stretched tight across the conical forms, creating a repeating pattern of circles in the fore and backgrounds, with segments of white rope breaking up the uniformity.

Michelle Poe, the creative force behind Pad and Paper, has been a part of the Minted Community for the past five years. She lives in Pasadena, California.

Painterly Award for the work that makes best use of interesting brush stroke, form, or line

Ochre Pods” by Deborah Velasquez

Reminiscent of ancient Chinese calligraphy paintings, this piece employs a simple palette and strong brush strokes. Shades of black burst from their ochre stems in an energized dance across the page. Deborah uses a variety of techniques to create the texture, from an opaque application of inky black to translucent ochre and a stippling/splatter effect for the seeding element. This is a modern and abstracted vision of the detail found in nature.

A prolific contributor to our challenges, Deborah Valesquez joined our community earlier this year and specializes in gouache, watercolor, and digital work.

Illustration Award for the best illustration

Blush” by Sonal Nathwani

An illustration of poppies in various shades of bloom is overlaid with blue- and rose-tinted watercolors. What initially appears to be a traditional nature drawing is modernized through the use of translucent colors and organic shapes. With a focus on the detail of the petals and stamen, leaves and buds, the artist invites the viewer to reimagine the natural world through a new tinted filter.

Sonal Nathwani, a relatively new Minted artist, interprets nature in new ways through the use of fantastical coloration and finely tuned pencil work. We look forward to more submissions from her.

Graphic Image Award for the best graphic image, created digitally or by hand

Put a House on It” by Hadley Hutton

An innovative and whimsical piece, the central image is a bird that celebrates the landscape contained in its silhouette. The bird perches on a lone branch and shows a glimpse of a series of houses, oversized flowers, and clouds drifting by. Bright colors of yellow, fuchsia, and azure blue mix together against a backdrop of pale pink.

Hadley Hutton revels in the use of color – and enjoys exploring such disparate subjects as geometric patterns, Asian themes, and Victorian influences. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Curator’s Choice Award for the artwork that most captures the attention of the Minted curatorial team

Bull” by Jen Wink

This striking profile of a bull was originally created with low color contrast oil paints. Undulating gray hues represent the reflection of light across the bull’s nose and body, displayed in geometric strokes. He stares out to the distance, as his horns gracefully brush the top of the image. Powerful in its simplicity, this piece continued to capture our attention during the Editors’ review, ultimately landing the Curator’s Choice Award for this challenge.

New Yorker Jen Wink has an incredible sense of style that she brings to her work. She joined our community late last year and has been the recipient of five Editors’ picks.


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