DIY Fruit Koozies

By Ashley of  Sugar & Cloth

DIY fruit koozies

I’m pretty sure this fruit trend that’s happening right now is something we can all get behind. Men, women, children, babies, small animals—everyone seems to be wearing or carrying something with a pineapple on it! And I’m happy to help you add to your collection with these super simple (and useful!) DIY fruit koozies. Whip them up for summer parties to keep guests’ drinks nice and cool.

DIY fruit koozies

Plain drink koozies (pink for watermelon, yellow for pineapple, and orange for, well, orange)
• Scissors
• Sheet of green craft foam
• Black sharpie
• Orange sharpie
• Gold leafing pen
• Hot glue and glue gun

DIY fruit koozies

Steps (for a Watermelon Koozie):
1. Cut a one-inch-wide strip of green foam that’s just long enough to wrap around the pink koozie; glue the strip to the bottom of the koozie with hot glue.

2. Use a permanent, waterproof black marker to draw “seeds” on the pink portion of the koozie.

Steps (for a Pineapple Koozie):
3. Use a gold leafing pen to to make diagonal stripes in one direction all the way around the yellow koozie.

4. Draw another set of stripes in the opposite direction, going all the way around and criss-crossing your first set. Next, make dots in the center of the diamond shapes that are formed by the intersecting lines. Cut a one-inch-wide strip of green foam that’s just long enough to wrap around the koozie; use scissors to make triangular cuts (to look like pineapple stems!) and glue the strip to the top of the koozie with hot glue.

Steps (for an Orange Koozie):
5. Cut two small leaf shapes out of green foam.

6.  Hot glue the leaves to one side of the orange koozie, overlapping them and gluing only the tips of the leaves to the koozie to create dimension. Use a permanent, waterproof orange marker to make tiny dots around the koozie.

DIY fruit koozies

DIY fruit koozies

Now just promise to think of me while you’re using these and sipping a piña colada poolside. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

Photos by Jared Smith

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  1. jewel7013

    Gotta have lots of fresh yummy fruit for the summer and now gotta have these!

  2. Victoria

    These are amazing! Simple and unique.

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