That’s a Wrap! Personalizable Holiday Gift Wrap Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Madeline Paymer, Minted Community Team

Last holiday season was the first time Minted offered customizable wrapping paper, and customers loved it! So we asked the Minted Community to help grow our assortment of custom holiday gift wrap by dreaming up the freshest, most original designs that incorporate a customer’s photos and/or custom text. We asked the Community to think out of – and around – the box, and the results blew us away! The winners below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congrats, winners!

Out of the Box Award for a holiday gift wrap design that incorporates personalized photos in a highly creative way

Santa’s Wrap” by Sarah Brown

We’re expecting to see a big order of this adorable gift wrap come in from the North Pole this holiday season! We love how Sarah dresses up your little one as an elf, Santa, a snowman, and a reindeer (and the last two even come complete with nose!). The sprinkle of snow and irregular positioning and angles of the holiday illustrations give “Santa’s Wrap” an extra-festive feel.

Photogenic Award for the holiday gift wrap design that best incorporates customer photos

Winter Joy” by Carolyn MacLaren

“Winter Joy” incorporates customer photos in a way that looks so effortless and natural. Carolyn has made customization super easy by creating a design that looks great with just one photo; the alternating directions keep the photo from looking repetitive. The beautifully soft pines and snow provide a great counterpoint to the bold, geometric pattern.

Way with Words Award for the holiday gift wrap design that incorporates the most clever personalized text idea

Toy Soldiers” by Bob Daly

Toy soldiers come marching to deliver a gift just to your little one in Bob’s adorable design. As always, Bob’s illustration has so many sweet touches, from the soldiers’ triangle noses and blushed cheeks to the swap of rifles for candy canes. The personalized hats are such a clever way to include a name.

Under the Tree Award for the best Christmas-specific gift wrap design

12 Days” by Kayla King

Can we get all 12 days’ worth of presents wrapped in Kayla’s sweet gift wrap? The bright, midcentury-inspired color palette is so festive even though it’s nontraditional, and Kayla’s joyful illustrations just make us smile, from the beret-wearing piper to the loving turtledoves and the leaping lord. We love the extra touch of black in the stamp-like borders around each day’s illustrations.

Gender Neutral Award for the best design that the men will love too

Christmas Time” by GeekInk Design

Eric shows off his knack for retro design in “Christmas Time.” The simple red and cream color palette, bold illustrations, and vintage typography are sure to please guys and gals alike! The subtle shading and drop shadows lend depth and dimension to the design. We love how seamlessly Eric wove the personalization into the pattern.

Kids Award for the best children’s gift wrap design

Merry Express” by Lori Wemple

We can’t get enough of Lori’s midnight delivery-themed gift wrap! Illustrated in a gorgeous, rich palette, “Merry Express” would make any kid feel special. Lori uses photos so cleverly to show the gift recipient (no name required!). The parachuting gift is such a fun touch.

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