DIY Wedding: Watercolor Ceremony Program (with Printable!)

By Lauren Saylor of  A Fabulous Fete

DIY Program

When I’m creating pieces for a wedding, I’m constantly thinking about ways to make them fun and functional, as well as something guests will actually want to take home after the wedding’s over. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never saved a ceremony program from any of the weddings I’ve attended in the past (except my own, of course!). But I thought that adding an artful element to the program cover—like a romantic quote done in watercolor—would transform a functional program into a keepsake your guests might enjoy later, perhaps framing and displaying it at home or pinning it to a bulletin board at work. I’m always collecting inspiring quotes on Pinterest and this is one of my current favorites, and it’s certainly one many soon-to-be-married couples might be able to relate to!

Read on to download the ceremony-program cover and for instructions on how to make your own ceremony-program booklets.

Printable Program
• Card stock
Watercolor ceremony-program cover
• Text-weight paper
• String
• Cutting mat
• Ruler
• X-acto knife
• Awl

1. Gather all of the supplies listed above.
2. Download and print the ceremony-program cover on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of card stock (each sheet will make two program covers).
3. Create the program contents by vertically printing the wedding details on half-sheets of text-weight paper. Cut all sheets of paper (card stock covers and program contents) in half.

Watercolor Wedding Program

4. Fold all sheets in half to create a booklet. Use the awl to make two holes in the crease.
5. Thread a piece of string through the holes; begin on the outside and work inwards, knotting the ends in the middle of the booklet to secure. Trim the ends of string.
6. Alternatively, you can thread the string beginning on the inside and working your way out, knotting the ends on the outside of the booklet for a more rustic look. Keep the string ends on the longer side.

DIY Wedding Program

Watercolor Calligraphy

Place the ceremony programs in a decorative box at the ceremony venue entrance so guests can grab one on their way in.

  1. Julie

    Love the ceremony cover!
    Could you possibly send me a template for this ceremony program with only one design per page? (I need a larger program!) And if you could make the colors cobalt blue I would be very great full.

    I tried to do this myself and was not successful! 🙁

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