Kids’ Parties: DIY Musical Instruments

Written by Sara Albers & Melissa Fenlon

By Sara & Melissa of  alice & lois

When we’re hosting a kid’s birthday party, we love to have a craft project to keep the kiddos busy. It’s such a nice way for the little ones to be creative—plus, the craft doubles as a take-home favor. We made these sweet spin drums with the girls at a recent music-themed birthday party!

Read more and get the instructions after the jump.

• Empty ribbon spools (3.25 inches)
• Paper straws
• Card stock
• Decorative washi tape
• Ribbon or twine
• Wood beads
• Hot-glue gun or craft glue

We’ve broken down the steps into two parts: 1) what you can do before the party to prep the drums, and 2) steps to do at the party with the kids.

Pre-Party Steps:
1. Make a hole on the bottom of the cardboard spool (this is where the paper-straw handle will go). Next, make a hole on both sides of the spool, right in the center (this is where the beads will be attached).

2. Slide the paper straw into the bottom opening.

3. Cut two six-inch-long pieces of ribbon (or twine). Tie a knot on one end of ribbon and, using a hot-glue gun or craft glue, affix the ribbon to one of the side holes on the spool. Repeat steps for the other side.

4. Measure and cut 3.25-inch circles from card stock.

At-the-Party Steps (With the Kids):
5. Have each child decorate two card stock circles with washi tape.

6. Help them glue the decorated circles onto the ribbon spools.

7. Have the kids pick two beads each. Help them thread the beads through the ribbon/twine and tie a knot. Secure the bead in place with glue.

Now make some music!

Photos by Melissa Fenlon.

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  1. i love love LOVE this! I have a pile of ribbon spools waiting to become something (mostly cars and trucks) but this is perfect especially since I was going to make chinese style drums at my summer camp next week with the kiddos…using paper plates, but now I can recycle instead! THANK YOU for sharing!