DIY Prize Ribbon Printables

By Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor

Warm weather and longer days are the perfect excuse to take the fun and games outside. Organize a backyard carnival or an old-fashioned sack race and reward little party-goers with these colorful prize ribbons. Read on for the free printable and full instructions.

• Hot glue gun and glue stick
• Ribbon
• 2.5″ wooden discs (2) (available at craft stores or online)
• Scissors
Pin backs
Prize ribbon template
• Box pleat trim (available at fabric stores and Etsy)

1. Glue box pleat trim around the edge of one of the wooden discs.
2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 10″ long. Fold in half and glue it to the center of the wooden disc as shown.
3. For a cleaner look, glue on a second wooden disc (optional).
4. Glue a pin backing onto the wooden disc.
5. Print out our template on card stock and cut out one of the prize ribbon designs.
6. Glue design to the front of the prize ribbon.

  1. so cute!