Oh Happy Day! Kids’ Birthday Party Invite Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Kids’ birthday party is one of our favorite categories! In the Oh Happy Day! Kids’ Birthday Party Invitation Challenge, we asked the Minted Design Community to design fun, fresh birthday party invitations that parents and kids would both love. We just love the result! The winners below stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congrats, winners!

Out of the Box Award for the freshest, most original party invitation you wouldn’t find anywhere other than Minted

Woodland Campout” by Grave Kreinbrink

Grace’s camping-inspired design has us ready to pack our backpacks! We love her illustrated forest from her stylized trees to her winding path and sweet little campfire. The off-kilter signs are such a unique way to provide all the details necessary to party!

Runners Up: “First Festival” by Phrosné Ras | “Did Someone Say Cake” by Amy George | “Mad Scientist” by Pretty Girl Designs

The Big One Award for the best party invitation for a 1 year old girl or boy

Wild Adventure” by Smudge Design

We can’t get enough of Renee’s “Wild Adventure.” The kraft background, warm color palette, and very official little stamp set just the right tone for a safari birthday party. Meanwhile, her adorable smiling lion and swinging monkey are a fun, lively touch.

Runners Up: “Frosting” by Sarah Brown | “Abracadabra!” by Kayla King | “We Survived Year One” by Carolyn MacLaren

Say Cheese Award for the best party invite featuring a photo of the birthday boy or girl

Party Hat” by Hooray Creative

This design is such a perfect balance between fun and classic simplicity–sure to appeal to both kids and parents. Kristy takes advantage of our customization options with a wonderfully festive party hat that can be moved to sit atop the birthday boy or girl. Plenty of white space and a clean layout let the birthday kid shine.

Runners Up: “Party at My Crib” by Rebecca Bowen | “WANTED Poster” by Pistols | “Mid-Mod First Facts” by Kayla King

Little Man Award for the best party invitation for a boy aged 3-5 years old

Mighty Monster Truck” by Jessie Steury

Jessie has such a knack for the bold and adorable and “Mighty Monster Truck” is no exception! We love her stylized monster truck and can only imagine how much any little birthday boy would love to have his name “painted” across it. Her weathered type and slanted text add just enough to the movement and excitement of the design.

Runners Up: “Dirt Dig” by Rebecca Durflinger | “The Construction Co.” by Anupama | “Bow Wow” by Carmi Cioni | “Don’t Stop the Magic” by Shari Margolin

Photogenic Award for the best party invitation featuring more than one photo

Hanging Out” by Jody Wody

“Hanging Out” is too sweet! Jody makes it look so easy to beautifully incorporate many photos in one design. We love the idea of photos hanging on a line. Her subdued color palette and classic white borders add a certain elegance to this lighthearted design.

Shape Award for the best use of one of Minted’s die-cut shapes

Pizza Pie” by Erica Krystek

Pizza parties are such a staple of childhood birthdays, but this is one twist on tradition that we haven’t seen before. Erica’s simplified pizza background is so well done; it’s subtle enough to let her bold type pop, without losing that feeling that the whole design is in fact a pizza! We love a design that’s lots of fun without being too “cheesy” (too much?).

Number Award for the best design that celebrates a specific age

Clowning Around” by Peter Loves Jane

We have completely fallen for Nikkol’s goofy little clown! Her illustration has a casual, handdrawn feel that’s enhanced by the offset color. The mixed type and primary colors are perfect for a little one’s birthday party.

Runners Up: “Little Princess” by Ana de Sousa | “Our Little Monkey” by Jessie Steury | “Bright Sprinkles” by Jennifer Wick | “Choo-Choo” by Bethany Anderson

Moveable Elements Award for the best design featuring clever design elements that can be moved around and arranged on top of a customer’s photo

Confetti Pop!” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

What a fun, festive design! We love Oma’s use of moveable elements over a full-bleed photo. Her moveable little party hat and celebratory confetti, lettering, and shapes add so much flare to your photo. We like that she chose to use all white to enhance, but not detract from the birthday kid.

Runners Up: “Photo Booth” by Susan Brown | “Deep Sea Diver” by Curious and Co. Creative

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts the birthday boy or girl’s name on a curvilinear path

Bright Birthday Bunting” by Jennifer Wick

Jen combines two things we love with this design: bunting banners and curvilinear text! We love the way her pastel buntings, balloons, and confetti pop against a dark chalkboard background. The idea of hanging, customizable bunting text is so sweet and really allows birthday kids to make this design their own!

Runners Up: “Pony Party” by Jody Wody | “Oh What Fun!” by Lori Wemple | “Surf’s Up!” by Shari Margolin | “Come Fly Away” by Jennifer Morehead

Good Sport Award for the best sports-themed invitation for a boy or girl 6-9 years old

Birthday Scrimmage” by Kimberly Morgan

Kim’s “Birthday Scrimmage” is the perfect design for a football-loving boy or girl! Her layout is so unique. The goal post perfectly frames her text, while the large, orange football creates a nice sense of depth.

Runners Up: “Baseball Game Pass” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan | “Perfect Balance” by Jennifer Wick | “Soccer Game Time” by Jessie Steury

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant

ROAR Dino-Boy” by Diana Bae

Diana knocked it out of the park in her first challenge. We can’t get enough of her watercolor and illustrations. Every detail is so well-considered from the birthday boy’s dino-hands and peeking t-shirt sleeve to the balloon tied to his wrist and party blower that looks like a dino-tongue. Beautiful, Diana!

Runners Up: “Woodland Deer” by Rachel Osborne | “Zoomin Photo Balloon” by Lisa Macintyre

  1. Renee Pulve

    Thanks Jen and Minted for “The Big One Award.” Congrats to all the winners 🙂

  2. Grace Kreinbrink

    Thank you! What an honor to be selected from so many amazing designers! Congrats to everyone!