DIY Gilded Bowls (the perfect hostess gift!)

Written by Ashley of  Sugar & Cloth

DIY gilded wooden bowl gift set

DIY gilded wooden bowl gift set

Summertime means loads of get-togethers and if you have neighbors like us—and by that I mean ones who need zero reason to throw a party!—then these DIY gilded bowls are the perfect hostess-gift project for you.

They’re simple and quick to make (plus, they’re an excuse to regift those bowls you received that weren’t exactly your style!). Here’s how:

DIY gilded bowl gift set

• Liquid gold leaf
• Pencils with an eraser (one for each stamp design)
• Xacto knife (optional to make a custom-shaped stamp)
• Wooden bowls (mine are from Crate & Barrel)

DIY gilded wooden bowl gift set

1. Use the Xacto knife to carve a shape out of the pencil eraser to make a custom stamp; or, you can leave the eraser as-is to create polka dots. I just made a simple, thin diamond shape for mine!

2. Dip the end of your eraser into the liquid gold leaf and stamp your dots or design around the sides of the bowl and then let dry completely before handling.

DIY wooden bowl gift set

Use a little twine paired with a cute air plant to bring the gift set altogether and you’ll be the most popular neighbor on the block (which really means you’re in it for the extra cookies to take home!). That’s okay though.

DIY wooden bowl gift set

Photos by Jared Smith

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