DIY Ice Cream Cone Tees

By Melanie of You Are My Fave
ice cream cone tee
You know how parents tend to force their interests on their kids? I force my love of ice cream onto my kid. My latest attempt: making him this T-shirt with a smiling ice cream cone. Subliminal messaging.

Find out how to make your own below!

ice-cream cone download
iron-on material
– X-acto craft knife
– cotton T-shirt
– iron


1. Download the ice-cream cone template of your choice and print onto iron-on transfer material. I sent it through my printer by adhering it to a sheet of printer paper with tape. Make sure to print the mirror image. Don’t worry about it printing black; the backside is what will be showing on your shirt.

2. Use a craft knife and carefully trim the excess material from the image (you’ll be cutting away the white negative space).

3. Turn on the iron and iron the front of the shirt so it’s warm. Next, place the transfer image-side down on the warmed shirt. Be sure you have the image facing the fabric. Cover with a thin cloth and iron firmly for a minute. Let cool then peel away transfer paper.

diy kids tees

kid's ice cream cone tee

We all scream for ice cream!

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  2. Alex

    I know it is hard when all that the kids want is broccoli, and yer like ‘eat your ice cream’. You have to hide bits of Vanilla Swirl in with their cauliflower.