Tropical-Inspired Boutonniere DIY

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

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Whether your big day is taking place in a sandy, island location, or you’ve just been inspired by tropical destinations while planning your wedding, this simple boutonniere will give your groom and groomsmen the tropical touch they need. I chose plants that make me instantly think of a summer vacation: palm fronds, bougainvillea and succulents. Using these sturdy pieces made the boutonnieres extremely easy to work with and the vibrant colors meant just a few stems stood out well on their own. Read on to see how you can create these for your wedding day!

DIY Boutonniere


I picked up 3 potted plants. You can make several out of each… enough for all of the groomsmen!

– A mini palm plant (found in the indoor plant section), a bougainvillea plant and some succulents (make sure they have long stems)

– One long strip of fabric cut about 1″ thick

– You will also need some floral tape like this

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1. Start with the strongest stem, the succulent, and place one palm stem behind. Start wrapping the tape around both stems until they are secure.

2. Continue adding palm stems to the back to create a fan, or until you’ve reached desired fullness. Wrap the tape securing each individually.

3. Finally add the bougainvillea below and in front of the succulent, continue wrapping floral tape.

4. With all of your stems wrapped in the floral tape (which is sticky on both sides) attach one end of the fabric strip.

5. Twist the fabric as you wrap around the stems to cover all of the floral tape. Once you have done that, tie a knot at the back.

Tropical Plants


Leave the ends of the stems sticking out a bit at the bottom, this way you can store in a small amount of water until they’re ready to be pinned on!

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Are you planning a tropical destination or inspired wedding? What other florals or plants would you suggest throwing in to the mix?

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