honeycomb gift toppers

By Melanie of You Are My Fave

honeycomb gift toppers
honeycomb gift toppers

Wrapping a gift with paper is not my forte. I can never get the corners to lay flat and the sides end up looking bedraggled (can paper look bedraggled?). I’d much rather have a good box or bag and slap something cute on top. These toppers are a cinch and there are a plethora of designs you could create.

honeycomb paper or mini tissue balls
– scissors
– double-sided tape
– colored paper for embellishment

Step one: Trace and cut out your desired shape from the honeycomb paper. Remember to half the shape (like cutting paper hearts) so when you fold it out it’s correct.

Step two: Cut embellishments with paper, for instance an ice cream cone or flower petals.

Step three: Attach to top of box with double-sided tape.

honeycomb gift toppers
honeycomb gift toppers

Happy (easy) wrapping!

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