Wedding Trends: Everything You Need To Know for 2014

You may have already guessed: We love unique designs. We do. It’s absolutely true. We also love superior quality and luxury but most of all we love love in every way. No matter how you slice the cake love brings out the best in everything and while everything we’ve just mentioned is important to us, what brings us the most joy is getting to be a part of your special day.

Because we are so lucky to be a part of that special day, we thought we would thank you by sharing some of what we have learned about creating the most memorable wedding day moments. We spoke to Wedding Industry Photographer, Christina McNeill, about the most wonderful wedding trends she is seeing in 2014.

Let us just say, that everything is fresh. From calligraphy and hand written fonts in wedding stationery (like the Traditional Royalty Letterpress Design by Two Thirteen Studio above) to painters that do live painting at weddings and croquembouche cakes – we now bring you the top, need to know, wedding trends of 2014 and a few trends we hope to set into motion.

Dark and Moody Photography

Photographers like James Moes and Christy Cassano-Meyer are changing the way we see weddings with interesting (and often expansive) landscapes, dark earthy tones and a less posed perspective. Wedding Photographers like Jose Villa are bringing back something we think never goes out of style, shooting film.


Gold, Silver and Copper and end to end Party Decor / Bride and Groom Reception Chair Embellishments

It’s never been easier to incorporate a cohesive, end to end event look with luxurious quality and unique designs. Minted offers wedding decor that is absolutely your style from start to finish. Add neutral or pastel colored Bride and Groom chair embellishments to top off the perfect look.

DIY Floral Crowns for Flower Girls

Whimsical DIY floral crowns are perfect for flower girls (or anyone for that matter). For more on how to make a floral crown visit Julep. Photo by Christina McNeill.

Choose your own Bridesmaid Dress

I know, it’s new concept. We always knew that bridesmaids never liked their dresses anyway so why not let them choose their own? Just be sure that your bridesmaids are well aware of your wedding color palette and the overall themes of the wedding. Adding a similar, but slightly different statement piece (see turquoise necklaces above) will add the cohesive thread that you need. Photo from Leah and Brice Hoffman’s Wedding.

Floral Chandeliers, Eucalyptus / Calligraphy and Hand Written Fonts

Flowers are taking over this spring. Rather than manicured and precisely placed we are seeing a lot of natural earthiness in floral arranging. Eucalyptus, succulents (living walls in some cases) and other greens weave together with pops of flora in this incredible chandelier above the wedding reception.

It’s party time! The wedding stationery world warmly welcomes hand drawn fonts and calligraphy of all kinds. If you don’t believe us, see this collection of community designed wedding invites that feature hand drawn elements and calligraphy style fonts: HAND DRAWN and CALLIGRAPHY .


Macrame / Croquembouche Cakes and Naked Cakes

Macrame is everywhere we look. The intricate woven wall hanging in a warm white is everything we could ask for and more. It’s decorative, but not overly decorative and it brings an additional and welcome texture to the ceremony.

Skip the frosting and go for a nude or croquembouche cake. Because you are passing on the frosting, let the imagination run wild with the topper. Top your wedding cake off with a healthy arrangement of natural flowers in neutral or pastel hues. For  additional direction, visit Knead To Make with Saturday Flowers.

Live Event Painting


We’ve saved the most interesting for last. Live portrait and event painting is a real thing, a real beautiful thing. We love photography, but there is something so classic about having your event immortalized in oil paints.

Some other noteworthy trends and trends we would like to see more of: Customized Portraits of your Wedding Guest (or their pet) as a gift, The Cathedral (or, Mantilla) Veil, Conversation Starter Booklets that include a photo and paragraph about each guest at your wedding and how you know them. We think that this is a perfect way to get your guests mingling. Last but not least, the wedding hashtag. It might feel odd at first but you will be thankful when all of the photos that your guests post to instagram end up in one nice, scrollable, tag-able place.

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