DIY Ruffle Fondant Hearts

By Tessa Huff of Style Sweet
I am always looking for new ways to dress up ordinary treats for events and special occasions, and these ruffle heart toppers take regular cupcakes to new heights.  They are the perfect mix of feminine and fun.  Use the toppers to turn your homemade or store-bought cupcakes into works of art for a festive birthday, bridal shower, or even a wedding!
Instructions after the jump…
Materials Needed:
small rolling pin
fondant (about a the size of a golf ball per heart)
pink gel food coloring
wooden skewers
heat cutter or template
paring knife or clean craft knife
clean paint brushes
ball tool
foam pad
straight edge or ruler
cornstarch for dusting
gum glue, piping gel, or diluted corn syrup
gold luster dust and almond or clear vanilla extract (optional)
1. Tint fondant with pink gel food coloring or color of your choice. Knead until fully incorporated.
2. Dust a clean work surface with a bit of cornstarch. Roll out fondant to about 1/4″ – 1/2″ thick.
3. Cut out hearts using a template and knife or heart cutter.
4. Dip one end of a wooden skewer in the gum glue and carefully insert into the bottom of the heart. Wiggle skewer to the top of the heart without poking out the other side. Set aside to dry as you skewer your remaining hearts.
5. Working with a small amount of fondant at a time, roll fondant into long strips. Roll fondant fairly thin, but not too thin that it tears. Alternatively, you can use a pasta roller and roll out to either the 5 or 6 setting (out of 8). Trim the strips to be about 3/4″ wide.
6. Using a touch of cornstarch to prevent tearing, run the ball tool half on, half off the strip on the foam pan. Use a bit of pressure until the fondant starts to ruffle. Repeat on the the other side.
7. Fold the ruffled strip in half.
8. Paint a bit of gum glue onto the center of the heart. Pinch one end of the ruffled strip and start to wrap it around itself. Adhere to the center of the heat and continue to wrap around into a rosette.
9. Rolling and ruffling as you, continue to create more strips and wrap around until the center portion of the heat is covered.
10. Once the center portion is covered, work on one side of the heart at a time. Follow the shape of the heart until it is covered. Add more gum glue as needed. Take one last strip to go from the top of the heart, around one side, and trim at the bottom tip.
11. Continue on the opposite side.
12. Set aside to dry 12-24 hours.
13. Once dry, mix a little bit of almond extract and the luster dust to create a paste.
14. Carefully paint the edges of the ruffles in varied intervals.
15. Let dry about 10 minutes before using.
16. Trim the wooden skewers as needed with a good serrated knife or wire cutters.
Decorating Tips:
– Only make a few fondant strips at a time. You will not want your fondant to dry out as your roll, ruffle, and attach to the hearts.
– If fondant is sticky, add a touch of cornstarch. If it is too dry, as a bit of vegetable shortening.
– When adhering the ruffles to the heart, make sure to not “squish” the ruffles. Use the back end of a paintbrush to fluff up any collapsed ruffles.
– Be sure to cover any fondant not actively being used in plastic wrap or place in a plastic bag to prevent from drying out.
– Heart toppers can be made up to a few weeks in advanced. Store in a cool, dry place and away from light to prevent discoloration.
– While these toppers are intended for decoration only, please be carefully of the wooden skewer if consumed.
  1. lori

    These ruffle fondant hearts are SO awesomely gorgeous!! 🙂

  2. Me encanta !!!!!
    Gracias por compartir el tutorial