Photo Art Collage Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

Photos of friends and family can be among the most cherished works of art hung on a wall. So in the Photo Collage Art Challenge, we asked the Minted Community of artists to create fresh and unique photo art templates for our customers to display several of their favorite photos at a time. The winners below each stood out in one of our Special Prize categories. Congratulations, winners!

The Snapshot Mix Art™ Award for the best new interpretation of our collage-inspired Snapshot Mix™ art

Love you to the moon & back!” by Chasity Smith

This whimsical portrayal celebrates love for a child with a charming sentiment. Snapshots are lined up to form the shape of a crescent moon and offer the opportunity to show off images of your child in various poses.

Chasity joined Minted’s community this past September and has already been the recipient of a number of awards.  She lives in Livingston, Louisiana.

Once in a Lifetime Award for the photo art that best celebrates a significant milestone or special celebration such as a birthday, anniversary, party, vacation, or reunion

Family Highlights” by S. N. Walker

“Family Highlights” by new Minted artist S. N. Walker is the perfect slate to highlight important life events. Photographs form a grid system to commemorate the significant occasion. Whether a once in a lifetime vacation, meaningful birthday, or mastery of a skill, this piece perfectly captures the moment. The colored text square may be used for a name, or descriptor for the celebrated event. This is a highly personal art gift; by selecting differing colors for the text box and the assortment of photographs (this will look great with color photographs too!) you can create a truly extraordinary keepsake.

 Sibling Rule Award for the best photo art print that celebrates siblings

Best Friends for Life” by Kelly Nasuta

Five photos are displayed in this adorable representation of sisterly love. Two large images sit above a series of three smaller photographs, creating a harmonious balance. The title text “Sisters are Best Friends for Life” is the aspriation of every parent.  It reminds me of hours spent playing dolls, sharing secrets, and bedtime giggling with my own sister when I was a girl.

Floridian Kelly Nasuta designs across a range of Minted product categories and is well known for her modern, whimsical style.

 Little Kid Award for the best photo art print for the 0-5 year old set

Tres” by Lauren Chism

This lovely composition by Lauren Chism joins triangular shapes, photographs, and color fields. The triangles stack atop one another creating an undulating form of geometric shapes – in addition to the triangles, diamonds, parallelograms, and trapezoids already in play. Simple, modern text is overlaid on the color fields allowing you to enter any text you like such as name, date, and age.

Big Kid Award for the best photo art print for the 6-10 year old set

Classic Corners” by Grace Kreinbrink

Grace Kreinbrink of Toledo, Ohio is the winner of the Minted Big Kid Award with her piece, “Classic Corners.” Golden photo corners accentuate a series of three snapshots resulting in a beautiful arrangement of images of your big kid.  Mix it up by adding family members, or keep it simple with images of a single. The presentation is sophisticated, but youthful and will be sure to please your star attraction.

 Tween & Teen Award for the best photo art print for young adults

Watercolor Portrait” by robin ott design

Watercolor frames outline and blend a series of four photographs.  Organically placed in a sequence of large and small images, the photographs may be used to honor a single person or a mix of family members. While appropriate for young children, I find this to be perfectly suited to the tween set – charming yet fun and slightly imperfect.

Robin Ott is a seasoned designer with Minted, and winner of a significant number of Minted awards! She lives with her family in Ohio.

 Year One Award for the photo art that best showcases the milestones in a child’s first year

Greenery” by Jill Nobles

A precious collage of watercolor blocks in shades of green mix with photo highlights of baby’s first year. While Jill chose images of repose, the piece would look equally lovely with a view of the transition of time: baby sitting up for the first time, first smile and – of course – first birthday. Accented by birth date, place, and stats, this is a wonderful celebration of life.

Jill Nobles is an artist hailing from Pennsylvania who joined our community in February of this year. This is her first win with Minted!

 Boys-Only Award for the best photo art print created with a boy’s perspective in mind

Stegosaurus” by Betta

Dinosaurs rule! This is one of the most innovative pieces of boys’ artwork we’ve seen. A whimsical portrayal of a stegosaurus uses its plates and trunk to highlight the special boy in your life. Betta shows off a celebration of brotherly love, culminating in the tail’s title of family name and date. I can’t wait to buy this for my son who is crazy for dinosaurs (what boy isn’t?!).

Canadian artist Betta lives in Saskatchewan and has been the recipient of multiple Minted awards.

I Will Always Love You Award for the best photo art print that celebrates newlyweds and couples

Complete Love” by fatfatin

The team at Minted is head over heels with “Complete Love” by designer fatfatin. White lines, creating multiple panes throughout the form, segment a modern heart shape. Nine panels are available for use, allowing the consumer to get creative in assembling an homage to the happy couple. Topped off by couple’s initials and year, this makes a memorable gift. This piece works equally well to celebrate the love of a child, family, or pet.

 Graduation Award for the best photo art that celebrates the graduate

Time Capsule” by Oh So Suite

“Time Capsule” is a perfect blend of the impact of a large color photograph mixed with smaller snapshots and descriptive details. With space for the graduate’s name and newly minted alma mater, the remaining details are customizable and might include major(s), awards, and other significant achievements. Additional areas for photographs may be used as alternate views of the big day and could include family members with the graduate, friends, and images of the institution. This piece is a terrific way to celebrate a significant milestone in a young person’s life.

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