Sequined Table Number DIY

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

Wedding Table Numbers

Sequins as your main decor inspiration? Probably a bad idea. Sequins used for a small piece of sparkly decor? Now, that’s a much better idea. Sparkly used sparingly on your wedding day can add a glamourous touch and make otherwise simple decor stand out. And something that always needs to be eye-catching? Table numbers! So people can find them of course… so mix those 2 elements and you have yourself a shimmering piece that basically doubles as your centerpiece.

I love mixed textures, patterns and styles on all of my tabletops. So when pairing the sequined numbers with other decor, I would suggest letting it stand out by adding in simple glass vases, traditional flowers, and plenty of candlelight.

Follow these steps to make your own.

DIY Table Number


– small piece of wood from hobby section in craft store

– large flat sequins in desired color (similar to this design)

– spray paint

– straight pins


– hammer

Teal Table Number


1. Paint all of your wood pieces and let dry.

2. Lay out the design of your number in your sequins.

3. Gently place the straight pins through the center hole securing each sequin. After you place all the pins, hammer in each pin to secure. Don’t hammer before all the pins are placed or you will lose your design!

4. Finally, with the number standing up vertically, pull each pin (gently) downwards so that the sequins will stay towards the edge of the pin when the sign is propped up at your table.

Sequin Wedding Decor

Shake all of the sequins to the end of the pins and your finished!

Silver Wedding Decor

Turquoise Wedding Ideas

You can get pretty creative with all of the paint and sequin colors available!

What are your thoughts on adding a bit of sparkle to the table at your wedding?

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