diy floral crown

By Melanie of You Are My Fave
how to make a floral crown

diy floral crown

From what I’ve gleaned from my grandma’s generation, it used to be a tradition to gift a fresh floral corsage for Mother’s Day. When I told my husband I’d appreciate that, he responded that it was too old fashioned. So I’ve decided we should modernize the tradition a bit and gift floral crowns – because moms really are queens. Here’s how to make one for your mom:

how to make a flower crown

– floral tape
– scissors
– baby’s breath (or other flowers that will hold up with no water)
– floral wire
– ribbon

how to make a flower crown

Step one: Begin, by breaking up flowers into small bunches. Using floral tape, wrap the stem end of each bundle onto the floral wire.

Step two: Put the next bunch of flowers beneath the last and tape the stems as you did the first. Repeat until the entire wire is filled up with flowers, leave about an inch empty on each side.

Step three: Once the wire is completely filled with flowers, bend the end of the wire to make a loop and twist it onto it self.

Step four: Tie two separate pieces of ribbon to each side of the wire.

Adorn on the top of your head.
diy floral crown

photos: Alana Davis

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  1. This is gorgeous! and I just love how basic it is, its nice to take a break from those complicated DIYs 🙂