DIY Floral Bouquet

by Michelle Barrera

When planning a budget friendly wedding, designing your own bridal bouquet always sounds enticing and inexpensive but also intimidating! Hopefully I can share with you helpful tips that will allow you to create a beautiful bouquet for less than $30 ($29.23 to be exact!) from grocery store flowers.

To start the process, do your research into which flowers that are currently in season. Stop by your local grocery store where you plan to purchase the flowers and speak with their florist and find out when they receive their deliveries. Once you’ve nailed down the days, then plan to return to the grocery store at least two days before your wedding to choose your flowers. Carefully follow the instructions that accompany your flowers and keep them in a dark and cool room.

As for choosing the flowers, try to stay within the same color palette. This makes the arrangement seem more coordinated and creates a beautiful movement throughout the bouquet. In my bouquet I chose to work with Roses, Tulips, Alstroemeria and Wax Flowers.

Flowers within the same color palette
Florists tape
Wide satin ribbon within your color palette
Straight pins

Step 1: Using your scissors, cut each stem to the desired length. Trim and remove most of the leaves as well as de-thorn the roses.

Step 2: Start arranging your flowers by using your bigger flowers, adding other flowers that move along with the flow of the color and movement. In this bouquet I am going for more of an organic arrangement versus a more structured one.

Step 3: Once you’ve arranged your flowers, starting at the top of the stems, tightly wrap using your florists tape.

Step 4: Trim the ends of the stems to create a clean, even cut.

Step 5: Wrap the stems tightly with the satin ribbon. To create a large and beautiful bow, loop the ribbon around in opposite directions at an angle and tie a knot. Feel free to use the straight pins to secure the ribbon in place before creating the bow. If using the pin, insert the pin at an angle so the pin is almost vertical and doesn’t stick out. Trim edges of ribbon at desired length.

  1. jenm.

    Wow!! Great tips and a gorgeous bouquet!!

  2. Moe

    That is very beautiful. Now I can impress others making such an awesome looking bouquet with such a price. Probably will save this for my future bride.

    Thank you Michelle.