Summer Hand Fan Favors

Urban Baby bunting and pretty thaumatrope giant confetti used to make simple summer hand fansOutdoor events and warm weather bring the perfect reason to break out fan favors (here in the sweltering south, we’ve perfected the art of fanning up our own breezes!) I’ve assembled a simple hand fan using re-purposed minted confetti and circular bunting. Try them as wedding favors to pull in a colorful pattern, a sweet quote or even a personalized initial. These can be easily assembled in no time flat, but look like you ordered a completely custom fan set.

Minted giant confetti to make a simple hand fan Create the fans by using table confetti and re-purposing party bunting. You can work with patterns to add color or customize the letters in the banner to style a fan that shows off a bold initial.

Want an even more playful option? Try arranging these fans to spell out an entire word and create a big effect in the crowd. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to run back down the aisle with your guests waving fans that read “Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Smith!”? Or cheer for your favorite grad in the stands by holding up their name at commencement?

Minted confetti to create simple hand fan favors Supplies:

Minted table confetti (for smaller, patterned fans)
Minted circular bunting (for larger, lettered fans)
• 8″ Wood fan sticks
• Glue or glue gun

Minted confetti diy hand fans Step 1: Start with table confetti for the smaller fans. There are lots of options here if you plan on creating a patterned set (I worked with Pretty Thaumatrope and Fox Festive).  If you’d like to make hand fans with a wedding-style quote, I suggest Matthiola by Moglea. If you prefer fans with a single initial or to spell out a word, customize an order a set of circular bunting. I used Penelope Poppy’s Urban Baby for this set.

Step 2: Use wooden fan sticks to function as the fan’s handle. I prefer these 8″ wavy sticks, but you can also use any broad wooden stick from a local craft store.

Step 3: Affix the wooden handle to the back of the confetti or circular bunting using hot glue or tacky glue. For the larger fan, be sure to place the stick at least 3/4 of the way up on the back of the paper to avoid paper flop and give rigid support for fanning.

Step 4: That’s it! Your fan is complete! To use them at your event, group them in baskets, buckets or lay a fan on each chair.

Minted table confetti repurposed as wedding hand fan favors

Simple wedding hand fan created from Minted table confetti decor Extras
• Almost anything can be turned into a fan for your outdoor event. Try using a single card program to make a hand-fan that doubles as a piece to show off ceremony details.

• For an added embellishment, tie a ribbon where the stick meets the paper.

• Because the larger fan is created from circular bunting, you’ll find 2 small holes at the top.

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