Watercolor Linen Printable

Diy linen napkin with floral transfer by Kelly Ventura Springtime brings so many reasons to brunch and celebrate, and water-colored linens are a great way to add some fresh color to the table. I’ve created an easy DIY linen using a piece of hand-painted art from the oh-so-talented Kelly Ventura. Check out the post for an iron-on printable along with some tips on making your own. The finished piece looks as if Kelly has hand-painted each one herself!

Diy linen napkin with floral transfer by Kelly Ventura In this illustration, Kelly draws her inspiration from petal shapes and natural forms, using layered brushwork and delicate line to give florals and leaves a scattered energy.

Printable watercolor linen

To make your own, follow these steps…

Step 1: Find iron-on transfer paper for printing. I suggest Avery’s brand, but you can find options at most major chains and office supply stores. Download Kelly’s floral pattern here.

Step 2: Print the art onto iron-on transfer paper and trim around the floral shape.

Step 3:  Using a cotton linen napkin, place the transfer paper (art side down) on the linen. Cover the shape with another cotton linen and work the iron over the floral pattern, using firm pressure. The length of time will vary based on the brand of transfer paper you choose.

Step 4:  Your linen is complete! Create more for the table or add a small piece of ribbon to give these as a gift. I plan to to use these for a small mother’s day brunch. These colorful linens will work beautifully on a simple all-white table.

Diy linen napkin with floral transfer by Kelly Ventura

shooting watercolor linen Styling the linen.

Find more of Kelly’s art prints here or stop by and see her at Surtex in booth 652.

Find more of Kelli on her blog.

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