Mother’s Day Quote Jar Printable

By Kelli Hall, Minted Event Stylist

Mother's day quote jar printable, kelli hall Among the many things I’m learning about being a mom, is that kids like to make little observations about everything. Generally, I’ve noticed these fall into two varieties: The sweet kind (think “Mommy, I want to marry you when I grow up” ) and the spicy variety (like “Bottoms aren’t pretty, they don’t have any sparkles in them”). So, for a mother’s day craft, I decided to make something I’d love myself: Pretty containers to record and keep these little verbal gems. I’ve created some printable labels so you can also make your own quote jars, complete with punchy colors and bold patterns.

Mother's Day Quote Jar Printable, kelli hall Keep these jars somewhere handy, and when your little one utters some adorable observation, scribble it down and drop it in the container.

Mother's Day Quote Jar Printable, kelli hall Each jar label can be personalized with a child’s name.

mother's day quote jar printable, keli hall I’ve crafted a fun jar, to be filled with all of the offbeat quips your kids say to make you giggle, and a love quote jar, to be filled with all of those sweet, loving expressions. To make these, simply download the jar labels (below) and affix them to the container of your choice. Then print out a personalizable sheet of mini notes, trim, stack and bind them together. You can use them for yourself or gift them to a mom.

Mother's Day Printable Quote Jar, kelli hall Supplies:

• Printables (be sure to download the pdfs and open them in acrobat or preview before trying to customize your text, or the fonts may not display correctly)
– Love quote jar label Download
– Fun quote jar label Download
– Mini notes for quotes Download
– Mini notes pattern backers Floral and Dot
• 2 Jars or cylinder containers
• Scissors
• Adhesive backed paper or rubber cement

Mother's day quote jar printable, Kelli hall

Step 1: Start with an outer container. I prefer these lacquer boxes from The Container Store, because they are clean and modern, but you can just as easily use a simple glass jar.

Step 2: Download the note card sheet and backer patterns. customize the name on the mini note cards by clicking on the entry box and entering your child’s name. Print out as many of these as you’d like. To apply the pattern to the back of these cards, reverse them and feed them back through the printer. Once you’ve printed on the front and back of the cards, cut out the pieces with scissors.

Step 3: Download the fun and love circle labels, and customize the name by clicking in the entry box. Print them out on regular or adhesive backed paper. Trim the circle shape using scissors or a circle cutter. Each circle has a dotted trim line to guide your cutting. I’ve created the labels in 3 sizes: 3″, 3.5″, and 4″, so you’ll have multiple size options to fit a variety of containers.

Step 4: Affix the circle label to your container. If you’ve printed the label on regular paper, you’ll need to affix it to the container using glue or rubber cement.

Step 5 & 6: To use the quote jar, Make note of any adorable expressions from your little one and drop in its proper container.

Step 7: Use the container to collect and store noteworthy moments throughout the year

Step 8: A empty jar works just as well as a cylinder box. Simply place the label on the front of the jar, rather than the top. You can also use the downloaded patterns to embellish the top of the jar.

Mother's Day Quote Jar Printable

Mother's Day Quote Jar Printable, Kelli Hall To give as a gift, stack the mini cards on top and bind with a simple string or twine.

Or if printing is not your thing, I suggest recording your child’s quotes in a colorful journal (Most of these quips are too good not to jot down!). Simply customize the front with something like “Rosa’s Sweetest Quotes”. These are two of my favorites for an alternate option: Color Block or Floral Mix

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