Egg on a Shelf

By Merrilee of Mer Mag

Dress your eggs up as characters this Easter and sit them on a shelf!

To make these you will need:

  • template for bunny and clown egg characters
  • 8.5×11 sheet of card stock
  • plastic or hard boiled egg
  • paints, markers or crayons to decorate clothing, etc.
  • adhesive such as strong tape or glue (I used hot glue for gluing on the ears to egg as that is the hardest piece to stick to the egg)

  1. Begin by painting on a face to your hardboiled or plastic egg. Let that dry.
  2. Print out clothing items onto white, colored or patterned paper. If you wish, paint details onto each piece for the bodice, legs, ears, hat, etc.
  3. Fold the ears together at the base and glue. Then using hot glue, glue the ears to sides of the egg head.
  4. Fold the legs so that a portion of them can be tucked under and glued to the inside of the bodice tube. Fold at the knees and feet as well.
  5. Assemble your egg character by rolling the bodice into a tube and glueing together. Egg should sit nicely on top of the tube. Glue on legs and place your new friend on a shelf to enjoy!
If you make these with artificial eggs, they can sit out on your shelf all during the Easter season. Or used hardboiled for a fun surprise Easter morning!


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