Welcome Little One! Birth Announcement Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Madeline Paymer, Minted Community Team

In the Welcome Little One! Birth Announcement Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to help spread the joy of a new baby by creating fresh, original birth announcements. Minted designers proved up to the challenge of creating designs worthy of one of our most meaningful categories, producing an array of sweet, cute, funny, chic, and beautiful designs great for those little future stationery lovers (girls and boys alike!). The winning designs below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congratulations, winners!

Big Picture Award for the best full-bleed photo design

emma” by Rebecca Bowen

Rebecca does a great job of leaving plenty of room to highlight the new arrival’s photo without sacrificing style in “Emma.” The whimsical “hello” and the cute hand-drawn arrow make this announcement so fun.

Runners Up: “Angelic Welcome” by Lehan Veenker | “Joyful Introduction” by b.wise papers | “Baby Talk” by Shari Margolin | “Name Day” by Jody Wody

Multi-Photo Award for the best design featuring multiple photos

Clean Strokes” by Jessica Williams

We love how Jessica uses the baby’s name as a divider between the two photos. The rough, brushy photo edges add an artistic touch, and the whole design is grounded by the birth details in chic grey at the bottom.

Runners Up: “initial intro” by robin ott design | “Delicate Frames” by Pistols | “How do you tell them apart” by Lea Delaveris | “Little Details” by Laura Condouris

Minimalist Award for the best simple, modern design

loved” by Sara Hicks Malone

We fell in [love] right away with this minimalist design. Sara does away with frills and gets right to the heart of how new parents feel about their little one, keeping the focus on the photo and that one little word.

Runners Up: “Watercolor Swash” by Kristie Kern | “Fresh Start” by Carrie ONeal | “Birth Stats” by Kimberly FitzSimons | “Pure Modern” by Olivia Raufman

Oh Boy Award for the best design for a boy

Modern Moniker” by Lauren Chism

Lauren’s “Modern Moniker” is dapper enough for any little gentleman! The unusual layout is so clean, and the name at the top introduces the new little mister in a big way. The subtle blue-grey background is so sophisticated.

Runners Up: “Festive Border” by Jill Means | “Classic Cutie” by Paper Dahlia | “Simplicity” by Sarah Brown

Out of the Box Award for the most unique card you wouldn’t see on any other site but Minted

Party at my crib” by Lea Delaveris

We love clever copy, and so we fell right away for Lea’s cheekily-named “Party at my crib.” We love the nod to both the joyful and more trying aspects of new parenthood and the bold, bright orange.

Runners Up: “Elements” by Pistols | “the bun is done!” by guess what? | “Roots” by Stacey Hill | “Half Chalkboard” by Susan Brown

Foil Pressed Award for the design with elements that truly shine in foil-pressed metallics

Golden Shell” by Petra Kern

Foil brings Petra’s gorgeous vintage pattern to life in “Golden Shell.” The little sunburst motif, reflected in the shell pattern and around the little one’s last name, ties the whole design together.

Runners Up: “Star” by Ink and Iron | “Golden Breath” by Phrosné Ras | “Little Gem” by Snow and Ivy | “A Big Welcome” by Griffinbell Paper Co.

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts the baby’s name or other customizable text on a curvilinear path

New Tiny Monster Born to Superhero Parents” by Kate Zane

Up, up, and away! Kate knocks it out of the park with her very first Minted submission, reminding us just how heroic new parents are. We love the hand-written look of the copy and the little illustrated icons.

Runners Up: “Wrapped in Love” by Heather Rae Designs | “Banner Day” by Petite Papier

What’s in a Name Award for the design that highlights the new little one’s name in a special way (and can accommodate many different names)

Bella” by Jody Wody

Jody features the little one’s name so elegantly in “Bella.” Sweeping flourishes frame gorgeous typography. The slant of the name lends movement to the design, and we love how the pink is echoed in the parents’ names.

Runners Up: “Marquee” by Ink and Iron | “Sweetest Gift” by Paper Dahlia | “Baby Bunting” by Pistols | “look who is here” by Aspacia Kusulas

Movable Elements Award for the best design that features clever design elements that can be moved around and arranged on top of a customer’s photo

Daddy’s Eyes” by Lori Wemple

Lori’s creative take on movable elements is just so darn cute! Minted customers are always looking for clever ways to customize their cards. This gives them the perfect personal touch to bring Mom and Dad into the joy of the announcement.

Runner Up: “Growing Family” by Dulce Dahlia

Newbie Award for the best design from a designer who is new to Minted

Mint Flower” by Amanda Weaver

Amanda makes a stunning Minted debut with “Mint Flower.” The lovely typography is set against a background of clean stripes, perfectly balancing the dainty florals. We love her attention to every detail, right down to the unique shape of the photo frame.

Pregnancy Announcement Award for the best design that announces you’re expecting

The Stork’s Surprise” by Lisa Schneller


We can’t get enough of this sweet stork! The whimsical and richly textured illustrations in “The Stork’s Surprise” are such a wonderful way to deliver the exciting news. The banner peeking out from the top of the design is a very sweet touch.

Runner Up: “new promotion” by Aspacia Kusulas

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