It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Holiday Wreath DIY

As our holiday challenge gets closer and closer everyday, we’re doing everything we can think of to help get our Minted Community designers in that holiday-card-creatin’ spirit! We’re hitting all the senses – we warmed things up with Jack’s holiday music playlist and filled your homes with the sweet winter smell of Cathy’s Gingerbread Cake. Now how about some nice winter greenery? Today we have a beautiful Holiday Wreath DIY from Lizzy McGinn, a Mintie who also does incredible floral design. You can see her work at her website, Saturday Flowers, and on Instagram. Check out Lizzy’s instructions below, in her own words:

Nothing drums up that dormant Holiday cheer quite like festive pops of color and the crisp, clean scent of evergreen. Crafting up this holiday wreath will have you feeling merry + bright in no time flat!

What you’ll need:

  • Wreath base
  • Wire
  • Floral snips
  • Cedar Branches*
  • Bay Leaf Branches
  • Rosemary

*I’ve used a very holiday forward and fragrant mix of greens here, but feel free to use any green that strikes your fancy! Greenery can be found in a number of places: your local florist or flower market, your backyard or even at your local grocery store.

Step One: Begin with a sturdy wreath base. The base will end up supporting the weight of the greens, so the sturdier the better!  The wreath base I’ve used here is made of honeysuckle, but grapevine and metal alternatives will work well too. Pre-made wreath bases can be found at your local craft store or from a number of online sources (

Step Two: Cut down the greens and gather them into small bundles. To begin my wreath, I created two bundles of bay and one bundle of cedar and rosemary.

Step Three: Place the first bundle of bay leaf onto the wreath base. Use a healthy amount of wire to attach the bundle of greens onto the base. Wrap the wire with one hand, while you use the other to hold the greens in place.

Step Four: Take the second bundle of greens (cedar and rosemary) and layer them on top of the bay leaf. Be sure to place the second bundle of greens, so that they cover where you wired the bay leaf to the base. Wire the greens to the wreath base using the method mentioned in Step Three.

Step Five: Layer the second bundle of bay on top of the cedar and rosemary using the method mentioned in Step Four. Wire the greens into place.

Step Six: Continue to alternate bundles of cedar and rosemary and bundles of bay leaf on top of one another until you have completely covered the wreath base. To finish, tuck the end of the final bundle under the top of the bundle that you started with. Wire the last bundle into place.

Note: It will take a little bit of fancy hand work to wire the last bundle into place, while still concealing the wire under the starting bunch. Though slightly tricky, this last little step will create a seamless circle of greens.

Step Seven: I’ve left this wreath quite simple, but embellishing with berries, flowers or bows will only make you feel merrier! Hang your wreath with a bright piece of twine or ribbon and enjoy!

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