3 Unique Guestbook Ideas

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

chandelier guest book

Let’s be honest, after you get home from your wedding and flip through the guest book once, who really goes back to it again and again to read the signatures? Not many, i’m assuming. So, why not put a tiny bit of extra effort into a project that you will love to look at and display in your home? Here are 3 unique ideas and how to re-create them for your own wedding.

A chandelier or wall hanging. Create something like the image above and let people sign or write notes to you on pre-cut pieces of paper pre-strung with coordinated twine. After each guest signs, they tie to the structure you built (with a branch and some air plants like they did here), and you can take home to display after. It looks like a beautiful piece of art until you are up close to read the notes and names!

globe guest book

Get creative with a vintage globe. You can have people leave you notes on where they recommend you travel, sign their names where they have been, or put a heart around a place they’d love to one day visit. You don’t have to give strict guidelines, but give people a nudge towards your vision. And again, you have a lovely prop to place on a shelf that will always remind you of the memories of your wedding day.

feather wedding decor

Are you and your partner crafty? Give guests a VERY simple craft… something as simple as handing out clay shapes (like these diy feathers) and sharpies and letting them get creative. This is a perfect activity during the cocktail hour (you know how impatient people get during this hour of the wedding day!). After you’ve gathered the ornaments, display in a giant frame or framed cork board to showcase your loved ones creativity!

How do you feel about changing tradition and doing something unique like this at your wedding?

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