DIY Brass Leaf Napkin Ring

By Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt

I am totally in love with the foliage trend. Leaf prints and watercolors and bouquets of only ferns and foliage are hitting the ground running this Spring. I wanted to make some simple napkin rings that could bring a little more of the trend to the table. Like brass wall art from the seventies, these brass leaves glam up even the simplest of spring brunches. I am making a set for Easter this year and probably a few extra for friends. Making these brass napkin rings is as easy as cutting paper, really.

You will need:

brass metal sheets

kitchen shears

floral wire and tape


leaf template (or use any leaf shape you like)

Step 1: I found soft brass metal rolls at my local craft store. It cuts with kitchen shears, but be sure to be careful, metal is sharp.

Step 2: Cut a strip of brass sheet about 2.5″ wide  off the roll.

Step 3: Print and cut out leaf template. Cut strip of brass into 4 rectangles about the same size, n need to be perfect.

Step 4: Place leaf template on one rectangle of brass and cut out with kitchen shears. Repeat with remaining leaves.

Step 5: Cut a piece of floral wire in 4 pieces. If you have thick napkins, cut into 3 pieces so you have a larger napkin ring at the end.

Step 6: Fold half of your leaves about 75% of the way across a piece of floral wire. This creates the crease on the leaf. Open leaf when done.

Step 7: Take a piece of floral tape about 12 inches long and wrap the top around a piece of floral wire. Add leaf stem end to the wrapped wire and wrap to attach. Go around wire 2-3 times and then add second flat leaf. Wrap again and continue wrapping the floral wire down until you have covered the entire wire.

Step 8: Cut a piece of ribbon about 10 inches long. Use thinner ribbon for smoother spirals.

Step 9: Starting at the top center, wrap the ribbon around the wrapped floral wire. Spiral up towards the leaves, and gently cover the floral wire completely. Continue wrapping down to the bottom end and tie with a knot. Trim off any excess ribbon or leave to hang decoratively.

Step 10: Bend wire into ring shape. Repeat with remaining leaves.

You can make pretty brass napkin rings or use this tutorial to make brass leaves and adorn anything. Put these on a bamboo skewer and use as a drink stirrer or string and create a beautiful brass garland. Metal sheets are simple to work with and can create gorgeous additions to any party or wedding!

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