Fall in Love Wedding Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Love was in the air in our Fall in Love Wedding Invitations Challenge! We gave the Minted Community no small task – to re-invent the traditional wedding invitation with unique, fresh designs to wow both brides and grooms. We were looking for a full range of themes from traditional to whimsical and backyard to ballroom. We were amazed by the results! The winning designs below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congratulations, winners!

Classic Award for the best sophisticated and timeless design that pleases more  traditional couples and their parents while still being a fresh take on a classic

Gold Notes” by Carrie ONeal

Carrie breathes fresh life into traditional design with “Gold Notes.” The combination of her sophisticated type and her bold, strong lines strikes that perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

Runners Up (clockwise from left): “Overlapping Triangles” by Jill Means | “Classy Type” by Kimberly FitzSimons | “Opera” by chocomocacino | “Sun Bleached Florals” by Jennifer Wick

Modern and Simple Award for the best modern and uncluttered design

So Fresh” by Stacey Meacham

Less is more in Stacey’s “So Fresh.” We love the simple elegance of this design – from the understated text of the wedding details to the couple’s striking names. And who could resist that subtle dip-dyed look?

Runners Up (from left): “Runway” by roxy | “Starlit Nights” by Fig and Cotton Paperie | “Modern Ribbon” by Ann Gardner

Not Overly Femme Award for the best gender neutral design that will be sure to please men as well as women

Mr. Bennett” by Moglea

Meg never fails to amaze us. Mr. Bennet or not, any fiancé would surely love this chic, tasteful design. The copper and cream tones jump off the charcoal background in a soft, playful way.

Runners Up: “On A Slant” by Cheer Up Press | “big mod” by Snow and Ivy | “Poster Type” by Pistols

Out of the Box Award for the most innovative design that you wouldn’t see on your run-of-the-mill invitation website; this design best exemplifies the risk-taking that Minted looks for

In Love” by Kim Dietrich Elam

Would it be cheesy to say that we’re “in love” with this wedding invitation? Kim’s crossed type creates so much visual interest in a clean, type-based design. The couple’s names come slant together in a lovely, symbolic way. This is one concept and execution we’ve never seen before!

Runners Up: “Framed Union” by 24th and Dune | “Celebration of Love” by miranda lyn | “The Sign Says” by Becky Nimoy

Formal and Fancy Award for the best invitation design for a traditionally formal or elegant black tie wedding

Edged Conservatory” by Snow and Ivy

“Edged Conservatory” would instantly set the tone for any black tie wedding. Sweeping script, clean layout, plenty of whitespace, and finally that luscious gold edging make this design truly stand out.

Runners Up: “Elegant Lace” by Hooray Creative | “Poised” by Design Lotus | “Luxe Border” by Sarah Brown

Foil Pressed Award for the design with elements that truly shine in foil-pressed metallics

Braided Chevron” by Vellum and Vogue

Krystal and Alana’s braided chevrons  take the  interplay of foil and digital printing to the next level in such an interesting way. Classic type and a fresh kraft background allow both the couple’s names and the foil details to standout.

Runners Up (clockwise from left): “Cascade” by Lori Wemple | “Arrow Frame” by Lehan Veenker | “Band of Gold” by annie clark | “Foiled Arabesque” by Vellum and Vogue

Vintage Award for the best vintage-inspired invitation

Antique Lines” by GeekInk Design

Eric blew us away with this gorgeous, vintage design. His sweeping banner and circles float wonderfully within his organic, foiled vines. The unusual layout and the way his elements break out of their borders somehow give a distinctly modern feel to this vintage invitation.

Runners Up: “Modern Deco” by Vellum and Vogue | “Savoy” by Kristie Kern | “MidCentury Poster Board” by Gakemi Art+Design

Destination Award for the destination wedding themed design that has us ready to pack our bags

Merit Badge” by Angela Marzuki

There’s something so fresh and modern about “Merit Badge.” Angela’s sweetly drawn mountain lake has such personality. We love the rough outline of the badge and the retro color palette. We’d love to attend this rustic affair!

Runners Up: “Painted Sea” by Laura Condouris | “Splash of Paradise” by cadence paige design | “Love Island” by Rebecca Bowen

Whimsical Award for the best whimsical or humorous design

Gettin Hitched” by Hooray Creative

Kristy does it yet again with this very whimsical design. It’s so much fun to read her adorable hand-lettered copy; especially when it’s playfully laid out in a casual, yet beautiful way.

Runners Up: “Serendipity” by Sarah Brown | “Celebrate the Day” by Oodles of Color | “Our Big Wedding” by Lori Wemple

Typography Award for the best design that highlights the couples’ names or wording in bold and beautiful type

California Dreamin” by cadence paige design

Paige shows off her mastery of type in “California Dreamin.” Her bright, bold names, tightly clustered yet clean block of text, and sweet stamp all combine in such a natural, but unique way.

Runners Up: “Ampersand” by Fig and Cotton Paperie | “Sprinkled Love” by Paper Dahlia | “Modern Botanicals” by natalie nakai | “Unity’ by Griffinbell Paper Co.

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts the couple’s names or customizable text on a curvilinear path

We Are Infinite Foil” by Katrina Gem Paray

Katrina takes the cake for the best design that puts the couple’s names on a curvilinear path. The names fit so seamlessly into a lovely, symbolic infinity sign. Simple text and a clean white background are the perfect complements to the main element.

Runners Up: “Champagne Toast” by natalie nakai | “Divergence” by Jennifer Wick | “Romantic Revelry” by GeekInk Design

Rustic Love Award for the best design for a rustic wedding

Kraft Woodland Tree” by Gakemi Art+Design

Nam hits the nail on the head with this sweet, bohemian design. The central tree anchors the rest of the design in a lovely way; all the details from the banners to the grass and the heart around the couple’s names come together so organically.

Runners Up (from left): “The Whimsical Outdoors” by Kara Anne Hendley | “Always” by Susan | “Rustic Charm” by Hooray Creative | “Farm Fresh” by Smudge Design

Trendsetter Award: what’s the next trend? This award is for the best design for our most trend-forward couples

Bell Jar” by Pistols

Melissa is ahead of the (bell?-) curve with this stunning hand-drawn design. Her bell jar and botanicals are absolutely beautiful, especially as they pop against the black background. Rich colors and neatly set type are spot-on finishing touches.

Same-Sex Marriage Award for the best design that celebrates a same-sex wedding

United as One” by Lauren Chism

Subtle sophistication snags Lauren our Same-Sex Marriage Award. We love the broad, yet soft parallel stripes layered under each name and the beautiful layout.

Runners Up: “Three Words” by Dea and Bean | “Antler Fancy” by Snow and Ivy

Shapely Award for the design that best uses one of Minted’s die-cut Silhouette shapes

Anchored” by Smudge Design

Renee clearly has a knack for perfectly executed shape — this is not her first Shape Award! She emphasizes her circular layout in so many ways from her shape to her nautical borders to her curving text. The scalloped shape complements her anchor design wonderfully.

Runners Up: “Art Deco Filigree” by Jennifer Wick | “Farm to Table” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Classic Type” by Pistols

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant

The Honeymooners” by Tortoise Belly

We’re so happy to welcome Danielle to the Minted Community with this beautiful win! We love how the design has an overall  Art Deco feel, but that the individual elements and lines are unusually modern. A gorgeous design from a very talented first-time entrant!

Top Customer Pick as rated by Minted’s customers

Delicate Dots” by Ashley Hegarty

It came as no surprise that customers just fell in love with Ashley’s “Delicate Dots.” Her dots are so sweet; we love the organic clusters, concentrated into rough rectangular shapes. They flank Ashley’s clean type beautifully.

  1. Renee

    Thank you for the special award Minted! I’m always drawn to the circular shapes 🙂 And congrats to all the winners and runner-ups!

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