Good for You Kids’ Art and State of the Art Challenge Special Prizes

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

Good for You Childrens’ Art Challenge

We have special prize winners for two art challenges for you today! In the Good for You Childrens’ Art Challenge, we asked the Minted Community of artists to channel their inner children to submit innovative and creative work for children’s rooms. We were thrilled with the result. Congratulations to the winners of our special prizes!

The Curvilinear Kid Award for the best art print that puts customers’ names or other personalizable details on a curvilinear path

The Little Miss” by Frooted Design

We think this piece by Frooted Design is awfully clever (there’s a boy version as well). Multiple layers evolve after the first glance – a silhouetted profile, first popularized in the mid eighteenth century, is placed in the center of the design and is accented by a stamp like treatment.  Lovely scrollwork helps to incorporate the vital birth announcement details – date, place, time and weight.  The child’s name shares the stage and is highlighted at the top with the secondary names noted in a graceful curved banner above the image.

Boy’s Nursery Award for the best customizable art print for a little boy’s nursery – sophisticated yet still lively

Woody” by Creaform Design

This delightful piece by Creaform Design depicts a modern bear staring straight ahead at the viewer.  Surrounded by his natural environment, he is flanked on his left side by a large evergreen tree with a birds perched on one of the branches.  Dreamy clouds float past and red globes sit atop stalks of varying height.

While this print would work equally well for a boys’ or girls’ room, I think it would be particularly cute in a boys’ nursery – this is going to be my gift of choice for all my friends with little boys.

Happy Birthdate Award for the best customizable art print that celebrates just a child’s birthdate in a unique way, and could be used as a gift for new parents

Vintage Trading Card” by Melanie Severin

This award is for an art print that utilizes birthdates and stats in an exceptionally clever way and the Vintage Trading Card print does just that.  In the format of trading cards of days past, the print calls out all the important details such as name, date of birth, and weight. Additionally, it highlights details that make the celebration even more personal – length, distinguishing features and hometown. I especially love the areas to further customize the “rookie” details – “naps like a pro”, “pacifier aided focus” and so on. A perfect gift for the sports enthusiasts who are adding to their families!

Little Kids Award for the best customizable art print for the 2-5 year old set

Little Reminder” by Amanda Larsen Design

Proper brushing requires constant reminding in my household, and I am grateful for the aid of this print!  With the use of differing font and a perky tooth, it can almost make brushing fun (or at least less of a nagging chore for my small people).  Offered in a few color options, I have one hanging in my childrens’ bathroom as the perfect gentle reminder.

Now for flossing…

Tween Award for the best customizable art print for the 9-11 year old set

 “Pretty Poppies” by Penelope Poppy

I LOVE this print and think older girls will too!  The arrangement of pink poppies tinted with orange gracefully bow over the edge of what looks to be a marmalade jar.  Illustrated by hand, the gently blurred lines of the jar’s label, and accompanying blue tone of the jar, are balanced by the warm tones of the poppies and the script of the customizable name.  The smattering of droplets across the petals of the flowers and jar emphasize the dewy sheen of the poppies.  PERFECTLY gorgeous.

Teen Award for the best customizable art print for the 12-17 year old set

Surf Hot Spots” by Jennifer Cooper

What teen hasn’t dreamed about visiting these celebrated surfing meccas?  Jennifer Cooper has created an evocative print with the use of type and color grading.  Through the seemingly simple use of hue and the legendary names, she lets the viewer conjure up his or her own imaginary experience.

The tonal grading of blue – darker at the top and lighter at the bottom – further reflects the imagery of water depth and churning of the waves. From the notable beaches of the West (Malibu & Mavericks) to the waves of Montauk & Cape Hatteras in the East, there are many choices for those who wish to “Hang Ten.”

Boy-Only Award for the best customizable art print created with a boy’s perspective in mind

A Road Rally” by Three Kisses Studio

This print reminds me of a French card game of my youth. It focused on a race around an imaginary course and I would play it for hours. That same obsession with speed is evident in this lovely print by Three Kisses Studio.  Focused on a limited palate of red, white, blue and black, the course is represented by a series of lines intersecting the image. The speedster is placed atop the course and the “race date” and location may celebrate many things including a birth, birthday or other special occasion. C’est magnifique!

Innovation Award for the most innovative image for kids

All Aboard” by One Little Bird

A bright red London bus stops at a crosswalk to let 4 pigeons pass (a nod to the famous cover of the Abbey Road album by the Beatles perhaps, with the white suited John Lennon portrayed by the leading pigeon).  The passengers include a dapper grey haired gentleman and a young family on the upper deck of the bus.  In an ingenious transference of route information, bus signage calls out a child’s age, name, state, birthdate and other notable details.

The Long and the Short of it Award for the best art print in the landscape format

Seven Wonders” by Shari Margolin

This print of a world map highlights the Seven Wonders of the World in a delightful mid – century style. The wave-like scrolls form the background on which the continents rest. The “wonders” are portrayed with iconic imagery including the Great Wall of China, Macchu Picchu and the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Complementing the distinguished sites are a navigational compass, a playful narwhal to the East, and a sailing boat in the West.

This prints offers an incredible opportunity for a child to fantasize about places near and far, and the wondrous creations of our various cultures.

State of the Art Challenge

Since launching art prints, Minted’s art business has grown by leaps and bounds. In the State of the Art Challenge, we asked the Community to submit innovative works of art to continue to grow our assortment – and we encouraged them to take risks! The special prize winners below certainly took that to heart. Congratulations!

Diptych Award for the best pair of series of prints

Unified” and “Assemblage” by Smudge Design

Out of all of the amazing submissions to the State of the Art Challenge (over 1,000 entries!), this diptych really stood out. The organic, concentric rings of Unified intermingle with the harder linear pattern of Assemblage, creating a delightful balance. The artist notes being influenced by stained glass for Assemblage – it’s easy to envision panels of these mosaics allowing filtered light to shine through. The palate of yellow, gray and white is sophisticated and fresh, and the perfect tones to set off the natural shapes.

While each image holds its own as a single piece, I especially love the two of these placed together as a diptych.

Photography Award for the best work of photography – literal, abstract, or whimsical

Riverside Freeze” by ADJ

An abandoned edifice, perhaps used to load or transfer freight, juts out on the Hudson River in an ethereal reference to its historic use. The photograph, taken on a winter’s day, portrays a cold and bleak vision that enhances the spectral quality of the image. The blue tonality lets the viewer focus on the shape and composition. This print is hauntingly beautiful…..the next time I’m on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I plan to visit this spot.

ADJ is a recent artist for Minted, and this is the artist’s first award for a submission. We hope there will be many more to come!

Painting Award for the work which makes best use of a brush stroke or line

Passing Through” by Ana Gaion

Brazilian born Ana Gaion is a trained texture and finish painter working on the Island of Maui. She’s also a new artist in the Minted community. Given her background, it’s no wonder we fell in love with her gorgeous painting, Passing Through.

A rust hue, mixed with ochre, appears to be scraped over a surface, creating varying degrees of opacity. Along with the striking color palette, the texture of the piece dominates with a grain like transfer in the center of the piece, balanced by a pooling effect in the lower regions. The combination creates a well-composed image that would create a point of focus in a number of settings.

Illustration Award for the best hand drawn illustration

Milk was a Bad Choice” by Lynne Lincoln

I am drawn to the simplicity of this piece, an example of the classic adage “less is more”. Stripping down the visual to only a few elements needed to convey the subject, the milk carton floats in a field of white. The red band, further identifying the content of the container, sets off the outline of the open carton.

While the artist cites Twin Peaks as an inspiration, the title keeps prompting me to the scene from “the Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, when milk really was a bad choice.

Modern Graphic Award for the best use of modern graphics

Volcano” by Lucrecia

Exploding in a geometric pattern, a volcano like graphic appears from the bottom of the page. Cooler tones of blues and grays anchor the image, changing to a fiery palette of hot pink, orange and yellow as the heat rises and intensifies.

The abstracted triangles works perfectly to reduce the elements to a color scale representing heat, allowing the viewer to experience its raw energy.

This piece would look incredible in large size format in a public room, or in a smaller size in a bedroom of a budding volcanologist.

Curator’s Choice Award for the artwork that most captures the attention of the Minted curatorial team

Hood River Boards” by Shari Margolin

A rack holds a grid like assortment of windsurfing boards, ready for an afternoon on the Hood River in Oregon. The black and white format and tight framing of the shot creates a slight abstraction turning the stack of boards into an exploration of pattern variation. The late morning sun casts a dramatic shadow diagonally across the boards, adding to the layering effect.

This piece is perfect for adventurers and water lovers of all ages.



  1. Jessica

    congrats. all! i absolutely love that modern volcano print!

  2. Renee

    Thanks for the recognition and award Minted! I truly appreciate it. What a great selection of art. One of my favorites is Shari’s “Hood River.”