Make an Impression! Letterpress Wedding Challenge Special Prizes

By Madeline Paymer, Minted Community Team

We were beyond excited to launch our very first Minted Letterpress Challenge! We asked the Minted Community to design letterpress wedding invitations for a breadth of themes and styles to build out our current assortment. It’s a pleasure to announce the special prize winners who each stood out in one of our special categories. Congratulations, winners!

Classic Award for the best classic and timeless design that pleases both traditional couples and their parents

Classic” by Lauren Chism

Lauren’s flawless typography makes her aptly-named “Classic” a truly timeless design. We love how the couple’s names take center stage and the way the script font forms an elegant frame around the wedding details.

Formal and Fancy Award for the best invitation for a traditionally formal or elegant black tie wedding

Gracieux” by Kimberly Morgan

Just looking at Kim’s beautiful “Gracieux” gets us in the mood to don our fanciest outfits! The classic gold type hints at luxury without being overstated, and the curved “with great joy” adds just the smallest hint of whimsy.

Not Overly Femme Award for the best gender neutral design that will be sure to please our grooms

Justified Type” by Spotted Whale Design

We’re certain that this design will appeal to grooms and brides alike. Elliot’s (literal!) twist on justified text makes for a chic and striking invitation. We love the way all the geometric shapes, from the parallelogram of text to the circles capping off the lines, play off each other.

Out of the Box Award for the most innovative design that you wouldn’t see on a typical letterpress invitation; this design best exemplifies the risk-taking that Minted regularly looks for

Loved Ones” by Lizzy McGinn

There’s almost nothing that makes us happier than getting a letter in the mail, so we have a soft spot for Lizzy’s “Loved Ones.” Friendly copy, typography reminiscent of handwriting, and an oh-so-sweet heart make for the perfect love letter.

Clean and Simple Award for the best clean, uncluttered and simple design

Sophistotype” by Snow and Ivy

Hailey awes us with her mastery of type yet again in “Sophistotype.” Headlined with an ultra-clean monogram, the right-justified text and sprinkling of italics add interest to this sophisticated design.

Vintage Award for the best vintage inspired invitation

Grand Flourish” by Bonjour Paper

We love the ’20s speakeasy vibe of “Grand Flourish.” Cécile flawlessly blends Gatsby-esque flourishes with modern design sensibilities, and the expert combination of fonts looks effortless.

Rustic Love Award for the best design for a rustic wedding

Wanderlust Wreath” by Grace Cobb

Grace sets the scene for a beautiful rustic wedding with delicate handdrawn botanicals. The slight asymmetry of the wreath adds that perfectly-imperfect touch, while the neutral color-palette and simple illustrations add rustic charm.

Destination Award for the best destination wedding themed design

On Location” by Olivia Raufman

A heart marks the spot in Olivia’s “On Location!” Our customers are huge fans of clever ways to customize their cards, so Olivia’s design is sure to please. We love the combination of playful hot pink with chic grey.

Bright Color Award for the design that best uses bold colors that really pop off of the white background – note that neons are allowed in letterpress!

Love Stacked” by Carolyn MacLaren

We’re loving the combination of aqua and bright red right now, and Carolyn’s “Love Stacked” is a perfect example of why we love it so much! The names and foliage  really pop in vibrant red, which Carolyn beautifully balances against the slightly softer – but no less striking – aqua. The handdrawn dashes are the just the right detail to complement the bold color scheme.

Typography Award for the best design that highlights the couples’ names or wording in bold and beautiful typography

Fanciful Names” by carly reed

The couple’s “fanciful names” on this design are pure romance! Carly’s gorgeous swash-adorned type puts the focus squarely on the couple, while the frame adds a vintage flair. We love the way the names just barely kiss.

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts the couple’s names or customizable text on a curvilinear path

Linea Letterpress” by Lori Wemple

Lori takes curvilinear to the next level with her stunning “Linea Letterpress.” At once complex and clean, the interwoven paths are reminiscent of a celtic knot. We’re in awe of how Lori incorporated the wedding details as an integral part of the design.

Make Us Swoon Award for the best romantic design

Charming Love” by Melanie Severin

Melanie shows her romantic side in “Charming Love.” The word “love” in a beautiful script is enough to make us swoon – add in a sweet little heart and pops of yellow and we’re head-over-heels! Melanie continues the romance in the wedding details with the script “to” between the names.

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant

Elegant Scrollwork Ampersand” by DMHW design

David knocks it out of the park with his very first Minted submission, “Elegant Scrollwork Ampersand.” Beautiful embellishments work their way around the central ampersand while a sophisticated banner highlights the wedding date. Well done!

Top Customer Pick

Ornate Monogram” by Kristen Smith

Kristen has a knack for combining vintage and classic, so we’re not surprised that customers are drawn to “Ornate Monogram!” Glamorous flourishes meet timeless text in this lovely crowd-pleaser.

  1. Kim Dietrich Elam

    Congratulations to all the winners! Lovely work.

  2. Cecile

    Congrats everyone ! Beautiful work!

  3. Amanda