DIY Tunnel Fringe Garland

By: Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt

Are you planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Worried you have to put a shamrock on it? Why not keep it simple and fun with this fringe garland? Just a little pop of green (or a lot) can set off a great party. Garland can be a tricky thing and depending on how large your space is, you could end up needing a lot to have the space feel full. These garlands are wider than the standard and create more dimension which helps you need less of them. These look great from the side and from below and have a circus tent feel. Alternately, you could tell the kiddos that these are leprechaun roads. Either way, you can make two 7 foot garlands from one pack of crepe paper, which is about $1.25, talk about a lot of bang for your party budget.

You will need scissors, crepe paper, and tape…

Step 1: I used crepe paper folds for this DIY. They aren’t as thick as the rolls and will hang a bit better.

Step 2: Cut the crepe paper folds in half.

Step 3: Unfold the crepe paper.

Step 4: Refold the paper in half and half again. Stretch the paper against the grain, to loosen up the fold lines. Be sure to stretch evenly all over.

Step 5: Fold in half once more.

Step 6:  Cut fringe the length of the scissor blades (one snip) down one side.

Step 7: Cut fringe down the other side. Repeat with as many garlands as you need.

Step 8: Once you have your fringed garlands, it’s time to hang. I used scotch tape, you can use any tape that comes cleanly off of your ceiling without damage, to hang the garlands. At each end, use a piece of tape on both corners of the garland. Place the tape right where the fringe stops and the solid center begins.

Step 9: Hang the other end. It will look flat, with the fringe pointed to the sides.

Step 10: Use your hands to gently fold, without creasing, the fringe on both sides downward. Go down both sides. Let hang for a bit and gravity will help you.

If you have the option, let these sit hanging overnight, gravity really makes these pop and the fringe hangs extra nicely. Besides, if you can do anything the day before a shindig, isn’t is great to get it out of the way?

My garlands are all green because a. it’s my favorite color and b. St Patrick’s Day is next week, but think of how fun these would be in electric hues or deep blues and pinks? You can make these in any color of crepe paper you can find. Also, make these longer than the standard 7.5 ft lengths by combining more than one strand after fringing or fake it by hanging two garlands to the same spot on the ceiling.


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