diy fresh greenery garland

By Melanie of You Are My Fav

I recently threw a baby shower and knew that I wanted a fresh, green garland to serve as a centerpiece for the rest of the party. When a local florist game me a quote of $300 to make one, I instead headed to Whole Foods and bought $35 worth of supplies. Although I’ve never attempted anything like this, I was happy with the result and even happier with how simple it was to make.

– bunches of greenery (I used 9 bunches of a waxy, sturdy leaf variety)
– one bunch of flowers
– floral wire
– floral tape
– wall hooks
– scissors or knife

Step one: Unwrap all your bunches of greenery. Start with two bunches. Lay one bunch down then lay the other bunch down on top of the first, overlapping about half way to look full.

Step two: Attach the bunches tightly with floral wire near the bottom of the first branches and the middle of the second branches. Cover the wire with floral tape for extra security. Arrange the leaves to fully cover the wire. Repeat until all the branches are attached. You’ll need to switch the direction of the leaves three quarters of a way through so it hangs correctly.

Step three: Secure three to five wall hooks in your wall in the shape of an arch and lay the garland on top of them to hang.

Step four: Tuck a few flowers into the top of the garland to complete the look. A pretty impact with not a big price tag.

photo credit: Jennifer Little

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  1. Hannah

    Love this! I’ll definitely have to try it for my next party centerpiece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah

    I love this! Curious, how long do the leaves stay happy? Am wondering if this can be pulled off for table runners for a wedding, but would have to do them in advance (without flowers). Thanks for sharing!

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