Quickfire Stationery Gifts Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Madeline Paymer and Jen Casebeer, Minted Community Team

We went back to basics with one of our old favorites – a stationery challenge! Discerning customers come to Minted for clean, beautiful, and unique stationery designs that they just can’t find anywhere else. So in the Quickfire Stationery Gifts Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to create fresh stationery designs that would wow our customers and make great gifts (to order for someone else or for yourself!). The winners below each truly shined in our special prize categories. Congratulations to our special prize winners!

Out of the Box Award for the most unique, original stationery design:

Desert Stripes” by Alethea and Ruth

We’ve never seen stationery quite like Rachel’s “Desert Stripes,” and we can’t get enough of it! Practically evoking a desert landscape at dawn, the delicate dots and stripes seamlessly combine with graphic color-blocking to create stationery that’s really worth writing home about.

Runners Up: “Desk Note” by Lori Wemple | “Little Whimsy” by Carrie ONeal | “Lemony Fresh” by Monica Tuazon

The Perfect Gift for Him Award for the best design that would appeal to men (think about designs that you could actually see yourself giving to your dad, husband, or another guy in your life!)

Ascot” by toast & laurel

The men in our lives can be notoriously hard to shop for, but Megan makes the task a little easier with her sophisticated “Ascot.” A stately monogram serves as the perfect headline in this classically elegant design.

Runners Up: “clean and crisp” by Carolyn MacLaren | “Stylish Block” by Wondercloud Design

Simple Not-So-Feminine Award for the best simple, minimalist design for women that isn’t too feminine

Circle Circle Dot” by Wondercloud Design

Olivia hits the perfect feminine-but-not-frilly note with “Circle Circle Dot.” We’re in love with the black and ivory color scheme and bold stripe, perfectly accented with the writer’s initials.

Runners Up (from left): “Subtle Banner” by Alethea and Ruth | “Chic Memo” by Kimberly FitzSimons | “Braided Chevron” by Vellum and Vogue | “Simply Bright” by Katie Wahn

Shape Award for the best use of one of Minted’s die-cut shapes

French Fields” by Sarah Curry

Oh-là-là! Sarah’s “French Fields” is chic enough to make us think we’re writing home from a cute Parisian cafe no matter where we are. The dainty floral sprig complements the curved frame beautifully. We love when the shape adds a little something to the tone of the design.

Runners Up: “Classic Posy” by Sarah Brown | “sanibel island stripes” by Jennifer Wick | “Garden of Elegance” by Inkwell Design Studio

The Never-Too-Young-To-Be-A-Stationery-Nut Award for the best design for kids (don’t forget the boys and the older kids!)

chatterbox lion” by nocciola design

Jessica has a knack for the adorable and this design is a perfect example! Her sweet  lion lets your little one “shout it out” in the cutest way. Her warm colors, sweet lion, and plenty of white shouting space make this a great choice for the budding stationery nerd.

Runners Up: “Little Loader” by Erica Krystek | “Detective fox” by Anupama | “Rain Bird” by Lori Wemple


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