Wedding Favors for the Foodie

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

foodie favor

If you’re that couple that loves to have friends and family over to share what you’ve been cooking up in the kitchen, a gourmet set of salts might be the perfect favor on your wedding day! Read on for the simple steps to create your own.

Start with these supplies:

diy favor

1. Small kraft gift box

2. Crinkle kraft packing

3. Glass vials with corks

4. Gourmet or homemade salts

5. Paper for gift tags

6. Rope to finish off each favor

gourmet salts

Follow these super simple steps to create each box:

1. Measure out your salts for each vial. I found the salts used here at a local home store. You can find great options at your own grocery stores, or you can even try your hand at mixing up your own! There are plenty of tutorials around the web that show you how to easily mix up batches of flavored salts with herbs.

2. Fill each vial and close with the cork. Make sure not to fill up too full where your cork does not securely close the bottle.

3. Fill the inside of the kraft box with the packing and carefully place a set of salts inside. Place the packing around the salts so they stay in place and don’t shift.

Tie to finish!

wedding favor

Don’t think your guests will actually use these? Why not tie on one of your favorite recipes showing how they can use their gift? Encourage them to give a hobby you and your fiancé love a try!

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