Sewing Cards Printables for Kids

By Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor

Learning to sew is easy with these fun illustrated printables! Just download one of our designs, print it out, and stitch up a mini work of art.

You will need:
Free downloads: Cowboy or Cowgirl
Printer and cardstock
Blunt needle
Embroidery floss

Step one: Print the design (download here: Cowboy or Cowgirl) on card stock or paper, and cut out. Using a T-pin to poke holes in the black dots.

Step two: Thread embroidery floss onto a blunt needle and knot the end of the floss. Thread through card and sew a backstitch (forward two holes, back one) following the design. When finished, trim excess thread and tape end to back of card.

  1. Kissa @ CO Creative Cartel

    Love this idea! Looks like fun!