Don’t Forget! Save the Date Challenge Special Prizes

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

In the Don’t Forget! Save the Date Challenge, we asked the Minted Design Community to create fresh save the date designs to delight couples and to help them express their personal style, whether it be modern, vintage, whimsical, romantic, or traditional. We were looking for unique designs that would help set just the right tone for couples’ upcoming nuptials. We just love the result!

The designs below stood out in our Special Prize categories. Congratulations, special prize winners!

Out of the Box Award for the most creative and innovative take on a save the date

Our Timeline” by Jessie Steury

Jessie’s “Our Timeline” strikes that perfect balance between fun and sophisticated. What a great way for a couple to share some of their history and happiness, without going over the top. The simplicity of the design keeps the design classic, but definitely with a bit of a twist.

Runners Up: “Birdy Love” by Petra Kern | “love +” by Aspacia Kusulas | “Vintage Blooms” by Miranda Lyn

Picture Perfect Award for the best full-bleed photo design

Wedding Stats” by Lehan Veenker

What a unique way to incorporate fun design elements in a full-bleed design! Although this photo is a very unusual one, it’s clear that this design would work for so many different types of photos. Lehan gets all the details across in a cute, casual way that gives this design plenty of personality.

Runners Up (from left): “Chalk Banner” by Lori Wemple | “Postcard Perfect” by Lauren Chism | “Casual Calligraphy” by Pistols | “Chic Calendar” by Melanie Severin

Crazy in Love Award for the best whimsical, edgy, or humorous design

Put a Ring on It” by Lori Wemple

Lori never fails to impress with her adorable illustrations. This save the date is over-the-top sweet and whimsical, in all the right ways! Her pastel color palette, illustrations, and cleanly ornamented type make for one of the cutest save the dates out there.

Runners Up (from left): “Limerick” by Rebecca Bowen | “Knots Will Be Tied” by GeekInk Design | “Pop-up vows” by Erica Krsytek | “Gold Ring Float” by robin ott design

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts a couple’s names or customizable text on a curvilinear path

Storybook Script” by Alethea and Ruth

Rachel’s “Storybook Script” is wonderfully composed. Her scrolling hand-drawn text and floral embellishments are absolutely beautiful. She takes the cake for our Curvilinear Award for the way the couple’s customizable details fit so seamlessly into the design.

Runners Up: “In the Loop” by Hooray Creative | “Ribbon Wreath” by Sarah Curry | “Vintage Filigree” by Jennifer Wick

Shapely Award for the design that best uses one of Minted’s die-cut shapes

True North” by Pretty in Paper

Anne makes perfect use of our die-cut scalloped circle shape in “True North.” Her distressed compass feels vintage, but timeless. We love how her customizable text mimics the shape and lines of both the compass and the die-cut shape.

Runners Up: “Officially Reserved” by GeekInk Design | “Jet Setter” by Bonjour Berry

Only the Facts Award for the best minimal, chic, and clean design

Icon” by Snow and Ivy

This save the date says it all. What more do you need? Hailey’s simple frame and date are beautifully minimal, letting the couple’s photo do all the talking. It all makes for a distinctively modern, clean design.

Runners Up (clockwise from top left): “Forever Classic” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Thin Lines” by Fig and Cotton Paperie | “Modern Date” by Waldo Press

Pack Your Bags Award for the best destination save the date design

Destination New York” by Hooray Creative

Kristy has charmed us before with her cityscapes, but this design puts a lovely twist on the New York skyline. “Destination New York” is the perfect save the date for a Big Apple wedding. The bold, bright buildings are offset by the clean, simple type and layout.

Runners Up: “Come Away with Me” by That Girl Press | “Derby” by cadence paige design | “Pack Your Bags” by Pistols

Twist on Traditional Award for the best clean and classic design done in a modern way

Classically Stated” by roxy

“Classically Stated” is just that. Roxy’s save the date is clean, simple, and traditional in type, layout, and language. There is something very modern about this elegant throwback though, from minimalist text to lots of bold whitespace.

Runners Up: “City Chic” by Lauren Chism | “Sun Prints” by Jennifer Wick | “Aligned” by Kimberly FitzSimons

Bold Color Award for the best use of bright and bold colors

Color Blocking” by Karidy Walker

Karidy’s “Color Blocking” immediately sets a lighthearted, casual tone for any wedding. Her slightly off-kilter color swatches promise a fun and cheerful day-of. We love a save the date that shouts happiness and doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Runners Up: “Arrows” by Lori Wemple | “Painterly” by Kelly Nasuta | “Love Note” by Waui Design

Multi-Photo Award for the best design that incorporates multiple photos

La Novella” by Lori Wemple

This is a multi-photo design like we’ve never seen before. You might expect a design with so many photos to feel a bit busy, but Lori’s patchwork diamonds bring order and structure to the overall design. A great way to show off lots of those engagement photos.

Runners Up: “To the Point” by Lauren Chism | “Modern Storyline” by Lehan Veenker | “A Collage for Two” by Kimberly Morgan

Newbie Award for the best design from a first-time entrant

Love and a City” by Jennifer Gassner

We can’t get enough of Jennifer’s handdrawn Manhattan skyline! It sits so nicely along the bottom of the card and even wraps a bit on either side, bringing the attention right to the center of the design and a photo of the happy couple.

Top Customer Pick

Sweet Embrace” by Hooray Creative

It is no surprise that Kristy’s “Sweet Embrace” was rated highest among all customers. This sweet, simple design would complement just about any couple’s photo. Her beautiful type and subtle color tint make for a very romantic design.

  1. lori

    Congrats to all the winners + runners-up! Fabulous work, everyone!! 🙂

  2. Oma N. Ramkhelawan

    Beautiful designs. Great work guys!