DIY Heart Disco Ball Valentine

By: Jenny Batt, of Hank and Hunt

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and now is the time to plan something really cool and fun to do for your loved ones. This year I am sending Valentine’s to my best girl friends. One of them will be this little heart disco ball. She’s about  8″ in diameter which is the perfect size. I heart disco balls. What’s better than a disco ball valentine? I dusted off my disco ball and added a bright red heart. Who wouldn’t want one? This DIY is one of the easiest I’ve ever done. Keeping the heart pixelated not only makes it look really cool, but even the less than occasional painter can create it. Let’s do this!

You will need a disco ball, craft paint and a paint brush.

Step 1: Clean your disco ball with windex and a soft fuzz free cloth. You want to be sure you remove all the dust.

Step 2: Start painting the heart going one box at a time. Dab the paint on each square with the paint brush. A thin coat is the perfect way to start. Hint: Mess up by going one square in the wrong direction? Wipe it off quick.

Step 3: Paint one or two coats more, letting dry completely between each coat.

Step 4: Let dry according to the paint instructions.

Step 5: Add a tag, like these awesome personalized ones from Minted and you just turned your awesome disco ball into a Valentine. I love you more than disco.

  1. So cute! Love it! I know just the coworker for this project, will have to keep it in mind!

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  3. This is the most fabulous thing I’ve seen all day! Your friends are lucky gals. 🙂


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  5. This is truly an easy D.I.Y. Who wouldn’t love a disco ball? The saying “I love you more than disco” is really cute and would please the party people, I’m sure. If I got this for the Valentine’s day, I would hang it in my room and by every look at it I would remind that special day. Very nice!

  6. I love how unique and fresh this project is for Valentine’s!

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