DIY Pom Party Headband

By Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor

Get ready to ring in the new year and make this quirky headband to top off your party look. The best part is, you probably already have everything you need left over from holiday gift wrapping.

Tissue paper

Step one: Cut out an 8″ by 8″ square from several layers of tissue paper — you’ll want to have about 8-12 layers depending on how full you’d like the pom pom to be. You can use just one color, or multiple colors.

Step two: Fold in half.

Step three: Using sharp scissors, cut fringe along the folded edge, leaving a about an inch or so uncut along the opposite edge.

Step four: Unfold the tissue paper and lay a piece of string across the fold.

Step five: Refold the tissue paper. Tip: It’s a good idea to stagger the layers a little at this point (so the cuts aren’t all lined up on top of each other. The result will be a fluffier pom pom.

Step six: Double knot the string, gathering up the tissue paper.

Step seven: Trim away the uncut tissue paper edge as shown.

Step eight: Use the excess string to double knot the pom pom onto a headband, then trim away any extra.

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