How to Tie the Perfect Bow

By Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor

Since the launch of our new wrap and ribbon this year, we’ve been doing quite a bit of gift wrapping around here. In that spirit, I thought I’d share one of my favorite tips for making presents picture perfect. Let’s learn how to tie the perfect bow!

Read the full instructions after the jump!

Step 1: Measure your ribbon by pulling it across the top and sides of the longest length of the box — you will need approximately 6 times this amount to wrap your gift.

Step two: Find the midpoint of the ribbon by folding it in half. Wrap the ribbon over the front of the gift, keeping the midpoint centered on the box.

Step three: Continue wrapping the ribbon around the box and flip it over so the back is facing you. Cross the ribbons as shown and pull them taught.

Step four: Flip the box over again so the front is facing you again. Tie an overhand knot under the vertical ribbon that’s already wrapped around the box.

Step five: Tie a second knot around the vertical ribbon.

Step six: Take one of the ribbon tails and make it into a loop, pinching it at the bottom.

Step seven: Take the second tail and wrap it up over the loop, pulling it around, under and through to form a bow.

Step eight: Bows usually take a little bit of primping to get them absolutely perfect. You can adjust the bow and get the proportions just the way you want them by pulling the tails to loosen the bow, and the loops to tighten it again. Don’t forget to trim the tails of the bow so they’re a nice length and freshly cut.

*Tip: Use a pair of sharp fabric scissors for cutting ribbon — they’ll not only make cutting easier, but they’ll leave you with a nice clean edge!

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  3. Ashley

    Great tutorial! Thank you! I love pretty bows and they never turn out quite right. I think I need to practice alongside these instructions.

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  5. Thank you! What a great tutorial. I will be using it this afternoon.

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