Sweetheart Table Candle Holder DIY

Sweetheart Table Decor

If you are planning a holiday wedding and are looking for some last minute table decor, here is a simple way to add a lot of sparkle. You can place these candle holders at your sweetheart table, or even at your place settings at the head table. Read on for a super easy 3 step DIY!

Glitter Candle Supplies


1. 6 clear glass votive candle holders (these are from the 99 cent store)

2. 1″ letter stickers

3. Craft glue

4. Fine silver glitter


1. Sponge brush

2. X-acto knife (not shown)

Glitter Votive Instructions


1. Adhere your “MR + MRS” stickers to each glass candle holder, front and center

2. Paint on a thin layer of glue and glitter away! After glue has dried use an x-acto knife to scratch off glue and glitter from the top of the sticker only.

3. Peel away sticker slowly and carefully, clean any glitter away that is on either side of the glass where your letter is now.

Tips: Take the time to scratch the glue and glitter away from the sticker first, this insures that when you pull the sticker away, it will not take any of the glue off of the glass around it. And pull very slowly to avoid pulling off glue/glitter around the letter, there may be parts that start to come up, so lay the sticker back down on those areas and use your knife to cut it away from the sticker.

Glitter Candle Holder

Place votives or tea-lights in your holder and display at the edge of your table for a festive glow!

Mr. and Mrs.