Easy DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees

You may have seen our  cute little cardboard trees from our Minted Christmas Card post, found here. Well we couldn’t wait to share this simple and easy DIY Christmas Tree craft and then spice them up just a bit.

  1. Start by cutting down your cardboard into two equal sized tall triangles. Then cut a slit half way down the top of one and then half way from the bottom of the other.
  2. Interlock the triangles, placing the triangle with the slit on the bottom over the triangle with the slit on the top. Slide them down until they made a self-standing tree shape.
  3. Using a circle punch, punch out a bunch of multi-colored circles for decoration.
  4. Apply the circles using adhesive (or you can get circle stickers that stick right on).
  5. Repeat for as many Christmas trees as you like!


Find more of Merrilee on her blog.

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  3. lori

    Great idea! Super cute + easy! 🙂

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  5. Angela

    I LOVE how simple and cute these trees are, i have to do table decorations for a party with no budget and i think these are just the ticket! thanks for sharing 🙂 http://www.handmadeintheheartland.com

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