DIY Winter Themed Guest Book

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

Wedding Guestbook

When my husband and I got married, we crafted up a simple guestbook and asked guests to add polaroid photos of themselves along with notes of encouragement. Best decision we made. We received everything from the simple piece of advice to hilarious pictures of our best friends. It gave everyone the freedom to do something creative. So, it is still one of my number one recommendations for guest books. Read on for instructions on how to make your own with a little winter flair for those of you currently finalizing details for your own winter wedding!

Polaroid Guestbook


1. Hardcover sketch book from your local art or craft store

2. Scrapbook paper that goes with your theme

3. Velvet fabric (to get our look, you can use any fabric you choose as long as it’s on the heavier side and not transparent)

4. Mini envelope stencil (ours is from Paper Source)

5. Pencil for tracing

6. Spray adhesive (not shown)

7. Instax Mini Polaroid Camera (these fit perfectly inside the envelopes!)

8. Business card size blank paper for notes

9. Pretty pencils and pens for guests to leave notes!


Glue gun and scissors


Handmade Envelopes


1. Spray the outside cover of your sketchbook with the spray adhesive and wrap your fabric around the book.

2. After the adhesive has dried, cut around the edges leaving enough room to wrap the fabric up and over the sides of the covers of the book.

3. Use your glue gun and glue down the loose edges to the inside covers of the book.

4. Glue down the first and last pages of the sketchbook to the inside covers so that it hides your cut edges of fabric.

5. Trace your envelope shapes onto your scrapbook paper, cut and assemble leaving top flaps open and un-sealed.

6. Attach the mini envelopes to each page of your sketchbook. I attached 2 envelopes per page on the front only. You could also ask guests to sign their names next the the envelopes in the blank spaces here.

Velvet Guestbook

That is all! For our wedding, I had a stamped metal plate made from a seller on etsy that said our initials and wedding date. I glued it onto the front of our guest book to add a little extra detail. I think these are pretty good looking guest books without though!

Wedding Advice

Now, just leave your business card sized note cards out with the camera and some pens or pencils for writing notes. Each guest can slip theirs into their very own envelope and sign. The best part is going through all of them the next day as Mr. and Mrs.

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    So cute! I love this.